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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by smokie4200, Jan 10, 2005.

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    aite you guys might think this is a stupid problem but i need help, ive been pritty depressed latly even tho i kno i shouldnt be. its a relation ship problem. more so that i cant get into a relation ship. theres this girl. and i dont whats up with me and hear. i mean we talk a lot like text back and forth. some times its werid starting a convo with her. i just think, of all the guys she been with WHY WOULD SHE LIKE ME. ( if she liked me idk kno, doubt it) what makes me so alike than the guys shes dated. i mean i used to have a shit load of confedence but i pritty much lost it all soo fast. now imm soo paraniod like WHY would they like me, or talk to me. any one got any tips i can like get this girls attention. or like get her to like me? if you want ill post more about it later. i got to go. thanks for the help
  2. shit you say your talking to her already. so that means either she's interested or she wants to be your friend. ASK HER and if you dont want to do that body language sometimes is a good indicator. So i dont know man,
  3. smokie4200

    smokie4200 Member

    well that is a good point. we do firlt alot but i dont kno if like shes doin it outta fun or what. and if i ask wouldnt that kill what little freind ship i got?
  4. Woulnd't be good to know though, i dont think it would ruin the friendship cause i would want to get that fog out of the way either way it decides to go.

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