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Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by Jolo, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Jolo

    Jolo Member

    Please post prices of mid/swag and any strains. Also, the prices of Acid.
  2. inextesie

    inextesie Give us what ya got

    Well, I live in Monroe but I'm sure that reggie is $5 a blunt, and mid is $10 a blunt. I dont know the prices of acid though.
  3. MarcoWasRight

    MarcoWasRight Member


    The mountains of western NC offers everything you could want if you smoke weed. Great views and great bud. $50/$60 an eighth for quality dank or headies. People often claim to have Kush, Sour D, Trainwreck, etc. Ounces are usually in the $350 range depending on quality. I've seen an ounce go as high as $400 and as low as $280.

    Mids/Regs/Dirt...whatever you want to call it is difficult to find at least near Boone. Usually $20 an eighth or $120 a ounce.

    Acid is usually $7-$10 a hit. Ten strips might save you a little money but finding someone to sell sheets takes knowing the right people. Never buy large quanities of acid before trying it and trusting the person.

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