Premature Ejaculation

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by pom82, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. pom82

    pom82 Member

    Who here has had it and overcome it?
  2. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Pom- check out my other posts on premature ejaculation.. I am a lay sex therapist and have helped many men with this problem - free of charge. I have set out 10 or so ways to overcome it, and several of the persons i have helped have named their kids after me.

    PM me if you would like to discuss this privately.
  3. rasprophecy

    rasprophecy Member

    The only things that work is if you think about something that horrifies you, then ride the climax... Think about an image that is very disturbing, perhaps some dude spilling out his guts from his ass while squatting 900 pounds (real shit), something that disturbs you, and your dick will go numb... Or think of a math problem in your head, or you can pull out before you nut, and begin with four play, then start back up again, premature ejac always goes away with time tho my dude. dont even worry about it... the more you fuck the longer you last... I first got my dick liad @ 14 and i busted nut within the first few seconds, litteraly, a year later i can go for hours and now i can go up until im far too physically exahusted, out of breath and cant take no more. its all in the head not your dick... Just ride it out...
  4. C Raziest

    C Raziest Member

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