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  1. Howdy. I've been reading about how to strengthen my psychic abilities, not to predict the future or anything, but how to make decisions that would make me closer, harmonious, and more productive to myself. I never knew about any of this, but it seems that l haven't been following my Preliminaries correctly for sometime. Reason being is, I didn't know anything about it until lastnight. Has anyone been practicing their Preliminaries for a long period of time? Give me any advice or pointers? Greatly appreciated. :)
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    Ok, I don't have a clue what you mean by Prelims but I'll give you some advise.

    The best way to be "closer, harmonious, and more productive to myself"

    is to do what you love.


  3. Oh yea, totally. It said something about your gut feeling is the most honest yes,no answer you can get. It's mainly about making decisions. It can eb very diffuclt decisions, or merely asking yurself, "Should I go wash my car now or tomorrow" type of thing. It has alot of stages, Meditation etc. But yea, I totally agree.
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    if i give myself just like 30 minutes at the beginning of each day to meditate, my day & night truly does become amazing ... filled with miracles, extrememely seemingly-strange occurances, just an all around great energy surrounding me

    meditation is different for different folk ... my meditation is pretty simple ... consists of sitting in different positions (depending on whatever I feel like) usually just feeling my own presence and shutting out anything more begins my experience. the heart of, and i feel the most special myndset i reach is that of first gathering, then feeling, and finally exploring the magyc energy, reaching to farr ouut places and way back tymes, then allowing it to gather all around me and shine into my soul and mynd. from tyme to tyme this brings about changes in colors (often, but not limited to a blue or purplish haze)

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