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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by DrowningDollie, May 18, 2004.

  1. ok so in the last few weeks i've been having dreams where i'm pregnant, or i know that i'm about to get pregnant if that makes sense??.... the most vivid one was the dream i had last night where i was a few months along and i was walking around my house and everytime i put my hands on my stomach i could actually *feel* my was such a bizarre feeling like nothing ive ever felt before...i don't know what is triggering this or what it all means??? can anyone help?? :confused:
  2. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I've had two dreams like that in the last few weeks. i have no clue what they mean, though. I thought I heard that dreaming of pregnancy means death, but don't listen to me.
  3. aaa don't scare me like that... someone at work told me it means something about luck...but what threw me off the whole feeling of the dream last night i guess... it was so strange...
  4. EarthWhirler

    EarthWhirler Member

    I've had several dreams over the years of being pregnant, from simply 'I'm pregnant' to experiencing giving birth and feeling that deep connection with the child inside.

    I have read that it symbolises something new, usually creative, I suppose that makes sense really, pregnancy is the development of new life, bringing something new to the world.

    Or you could be spending too much time with pregnant women :p
  5. lanalou

    lanalou Member

    I heard that it signifies death too but perhaps its your creative energy manifesting itself in your dreams too :)
  6. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    I dig pregnacy dreams, I think they are just prefectly lovley...They're always rather really emotional, like I feel so much love I could burst...or really screwed up, like having a cat child with human eyes???

    Regardless, good dreams =)
  7. FreeSpiritedMelody

    FreeSpiritedMelody changes poopy diapers

    i had a dream that i was pregnant, then a year later i got pregnant.

    now i have a beautiful baby girl :D
  8. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    I have pregnancy dreams all the time, the start of a new creative thing sounds good to me, but just maybe it has nothing to do with the pregnant part maybe it is just a chance to get in touch with yourself and your feelings a little more, or maybe it was just something that was in your mind a little bit and it came into your dream?

    They don't always mean something...sometimes they're just dreams
  9. pandiebeer

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    Here's what my dream book says about pregnancy

    Pregnancy: For a woman this dream forcasts a happy increase in material wealth, but for a man, it is a warning against indiscriminate sex relations

  10. Pete

    Pete Member

    I hav never had a dream that I was pregnant but I heard if you dream about it it represents the things you want to do in your life but are scared to do, like having a child its very painfuland traumatic but also has its very good sides this may be your emosional fear coming out ok bye bye.

  11. Rosa

    Rosa Member

    Hi there, I’ve been having loads of pregnancy dreams lately. A couple where I’ve been pregnant and one really vivid one where my mum had just had a baby boy. It was so realistic, I couldn’t believe it! I dreamt that my parents were really happy, holding him etc. He was perfect. I think maybe the reason behind this recent phenomenon is that two of the girls I work with are expecting. The only trouble is now, I really want a baby of my own, but I’m a bit scared because I’m only 24 and still having loads of fun getting drunk and staying out until 5am with my friends!!!! Anyway I say relax, go with it, whatever will be will be! Peace......
  12. i've never had a dream that i was pregnant i always had a dream that i was walking with my baby and when i did finally get pregnant i had a dream that it was a boy and a week later i found out i was having a boy now i have a healthy one year old son.
  13. I have always heard that if you dream your pregant than more lickly you are i think you should go the doctor

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