Pre-existance dream?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by f(Ø), May 2, 2007.

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    This was a dream I had a while back and I'm interested in seeing how other people interperate it. I have formulated some ideas, but it's still pretty mysterious to me.

    I dreamt of a castle, vaugely Persian in design, but also slightly medieval, and it seemed to be made of terracota adobe. It had medium-sized, perfectly-round holes for windows at exact intervals on the whole thing, even all the way up the minarettes/towers. Occasionally there were faded gold rings, also at regular intervals, as you went up the minarettes. These rings however, did not interupt the scheme of hole-windows. Within one of the minarettes was a large mysterious man of African decent, who, in my dream I knew intuatively, lived in the castle. A young man and his girlfriend were speaking with him. I can't remember exactly why they were originally there in this man's home or how they got to talking, but the conversation was strangely philisophical and religious. Throughout the conversation, they discussed the meanings and methods of all existance. At some point in the dream, I realized that this castel was a toy and I was looking into the hole-windows. I could also twist the gold rings, one of which the characters of this dream were in. I played with that a bit and then looked into the nearest hole-window on that gold ring, and saw the last of their conversation. They were speaking of being in this world, and interacting with people, and suddenly, in reference to a time before his birth, before even his conception, the mysterious man said "I can remember a time when there was only me."

    When he said this, everything quickly began to change, he was somehow defused into the castle and it then took on the shape of a man... a strange thin, terracotta adobe man with holes in him at regular intervals. And then it got really strange. There was a powerful rushing sensation and I realized I was the one feeling it (I really felt it). And then I realized that I had been the large, mysterious black man all along. I was now the castle-man. The rushing sensation pulled me as hard as it could, and NO LIE, I literally felt this: the feeling of ten orgasms combined with what it must feel like to burn up on entry of the earths atmosphere. I REALLY FELT THAT! And instinctively, intuatively, I knew that I was feeling what it felt like to come into existance.

    The feeling was so intense that I woke up, but it took about thirty seconds for it to fade away.

    I have had really scarry dreams, and really amazing dreams, but never have I had a dream of this awe inspiring, numinous quality.
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    It appears you keep people at a distance and you are very meticulous. The gold rings would represent no beginning and no end which is kind of reiterated at the end of your dream when you said "I remember a time when there was only me" It appears that you realize "things aren’t always as they seem" This world is a mysterious place and there is no rhyme and reason to all the different experiences we go through on earth. I think the holes in the man/castle/you are holes in your theories of what is going on in life.
    Please shed some insight on what your dream means to you.

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