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Discussion in 'Books' started by winston Smiths Diary, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Dont get me wrong I like the Harry Potter Books, but was quite suprised when I started reading Terry Pratchetts Disc World books to see that JK Rowling seems to have stolen lots of things from these books!

    A school of magic
    A talking hat
    Ponder stibbons looks like harry,
    Granny Weatherwax is Prof. McGonagle

    and theres lods more things that are the exact same,

    Has any one else found this, what do you think?
  2. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    I think it's mostly coincidence. The schools of magic are completely different, apart from that at both, obviously, magic is taught; Hogwarts is the equivalent of a highschool, UU is a University. Hogwarts focusses on the students, in UU we rarely see students.

    Ponder and Harry both look a bit nerdy with those glasses, but there's really not that much beyond that. When it comes to their characters Ponder has more in common with Hermione, but there are smart, know-it-all characters in more books, as well as nerdy-looking kids with glasses.

    Talking hats, yes the sorting hat does look a lot like the Archchancellor's hat.

    But I don't agree on Granny Weatherwax and Professor McGonagall either; Granny is very smart but really out of it when it comes to modern times and things -see how she watches the plays, for example. And I miss the obvious headology in Professor McGonagall's actions. They're both older women, witches, and Professor McGonagall can change into *one* other animal while Granny can borrow -but there are more differences than similarities.
  3. OK! I agree, but I said they look like each other pysically, not are like each other!

    Thanks, I like to hear what people think![​IMG]
  4. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    I think it was Philip Pullman (author of His Dark Materials), who said that when it comes to the fantasy genre, even though our imaginations maybe set to run wild, but there are still limitations. His own works, which are quite original, have aspects from various other fantasy/sci-fi novels. As he said, you read something, pick up and idea that stays with you and develop it in an original way...

    Also, a lot of stuff JKR writes about is based on myth - i think people can relate to it better and sink into the books feeling part of them than if she created completely different creatures, etc. And using myth is yet again, stolen fiction eh? But she's developed it in her own style like many many other authors :)

    Now if you want to talk about pretty much copying out of a book, read Eragon (Christopher Paolini). The language and writing style is a little flowery for my taste, but an interesting read none the less. Still, I couldn't help noticing how some things were pretty much the same in Eragon as Lord of the Rings. Eragon's only the beginning though - lets see how he develops the ideas in the next books in the trilogy, if at all ;)
  5. Thanks, I will sure get that book and give it a try, Love Phillip Pullman Dark materials by the way!
  6. JayJ

    JayJ Member

    hehe love them too! unfortunately Lyra's Oxford was a huge disappointment. Hopefully his next book, The Book of Dust will be just as exciting as HDM trilogy

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