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    I'm thinking about joining a poweryoga class.. But I've never done yoga before.. Does anyone have experience with this form of yoga and can someone who has never done regular yoga before do this?
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    you could most definately give it a shot!

    I would say if you are semi athletic and flexible then you will be ok in a power yoga class...

    Usually women have more flexibility but lack upper body strength..

    If you are not athletic or physically active normally then I would recommend an intro to yoga course at your local yoga studio.
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    I second that... if you are already active in some other form of exercise that gives you muscle tone, then power yoga would be a great way to start yoga. Otherwise, I'd say start with an intro class to get the postures down first and work on upper body strength and flexibility, then begin power yoga.

    If you want to see, or try the power yoga, there is a show on Oxygen called Inhale at 6am (at least on the west coast). I'm sure all power yoga classes are different, but I've followed this show for a couple years and it does wonders. I started watching it without previous yoga experience and I pretty much had to modify every pose to fit me, but you adapt quickly.

    ...you probably don't have the Oxygen channel now that I think about it. So I stick with learning the basics, then do power.
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    I do power Yoga and it's definatly my favorite style. Maybe this is because I'm a guy and like the "workout" approach to the whole thing. You might wanna learn how to do the Sun Salutations before going to the class (get a tape, see how it's done on TV, read it in a book, or the internet).

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