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    My friend likes to make me laugh while im stoned. I like my friend. But he came up with some ideas that were clever, funny, and possibly implimentable.

    1. Cannibiscits. Biscuits in a can that contain cannibis. Self explanitory and I know how to make them, not a problem.

    2. Potterpops. Otterpops with pot in them. I have heard that you can make tea with my favorite green friend so here is the question. I take some leaf. Make tea out of it. Mix the tea with orange juice concentrate, or perhaps koolaid it doesnt really matter to me. Then put them in molds and freeze them. Would this work?
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    Just a matter of making them strong enough to have any effect, but that would be easy enough.
    Cannabiscottis? At least that would be more like a cookie too.
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    i'm pretty sure you'll need some milk or butter or cheese... something fatty like that... or it'll just be some funky tasting tea.

    the fat like, extracts the thc... or something...

    i've not cooked with pot yet myslef, sadly...

    here's a quick google search result:

    it could give ya a good idea of how cooking with weed works.

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