Pot and coke

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Foppful, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Foppful

    Foppful Member

    The other day I did about a quarter gram of coke and as I was coming up, I took some bong rips.

    It felt amazing. First you feel the coke running through your body, and your mood is through the roof, then you feel the pot, and ohhhh man.

    You head is clear and you're confident and your body is feeling great, and to top it off, you're stoned. It makes for a very intense, rushing kind of fun.

    Of course, this is ONLY for special occasions. Coke is too good to be used a lot. If you're not touchy about coke, give it a try.
  2. LivingLegends

    LivingLegends Senior Member

  3. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    i remember the frist time i did coke i smoked too damn fucking one hell of a time
  4. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    ive never done coke, and dont plan on it, but i have been on 40 mg of Adderal and smoked. It did feel awesome at first, but when you come down, you come down hard.
  5. jimi420

    jimi420 Member

    Ive never dont coke either and i never will but my bros friends do, which freaks me out sometimes because that is who I get my pot from so when im high sometimes i get paranoid and think theres coke in the weed. But then i snap out of it.
  6. Stalkz

    Stalkz Member

    It doesn't work like that

    DR. REEFER Member

    so true ive never done coke but im close with people who do or did coke and they all agree that you lose the coke rush insantly when you start smoking weed. it pretty much wastes the coke.
  8. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Weed is good. Coke is bad. :)
  9. Purple_Haze

    Purple_Haze Member

    Coke is for lesbians and rock stars. Keep it natural, smoke weed.
  10. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    fuck nature, odds are if it's natural it's poisonious...
    But coke=bad. pot before coke is a waste, pot during the high part is a waste, but pot after you crash, and crash bad, can be a godsend.
    You don't fuck with coke though, it fucks with you.
    If i take some adderal i can barely feel it when i smoke.
  11. element7

    element7 Random fool

    Fuck a buncha coke and weed. I'll stick with my bong. The two don't mix wll for the average stoner.
  12. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Yeah, I don't really know about that one, bro.
  13. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    I had a pretty damn nasty coke habit, and trust me..stay the fuck away from it. It really takes hold of you before you even realize what's going on. I don't wanna sound preachy here, and I KNOW nobody's gonna listen anyway. I lost alot becuase of it, and I would hate to hear anything like that about any of ya'll. Anything in moderation is ok, in my opinion. However, moderation was not in my vocabulary when it came to that shit. Each to his own I guess, just be careful. Peace..:sunglasse
  14. see in blonde

    see in blonde Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I don't think moderation is in anyone's vocab when it comes to coke haha. If I smoke while I'm on my Adderall I can barely feel the weed as well. After about 10 bowl packs in the chaos I feel great though. Real euphoric. I don't fuck with coke at all though, and wouldn't even touch Adderall if I didn't have a script for school.
  15. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Okay, go out into the woods and try and find something that if you eat it won't atleast give you a nasty case of the shits. Odds are if it's natural it doesn't want to be eaten and has developed interesting ways of making sure of that.
    Just because there are a handful of plants and herbs that are of use to us doesn't mitigate the fact that 99.9% of nature will kill you given the chance.

    And don't give me that pot's an herb, adderal's a chemical B.S. A chemical is something with more than one type of atom, water is a chemical, adderal is a chemical, THC is a chemical. Most of the non chemicals out there are poisonious, mercury, lead, gold, radon, uranium just to name a few. perhaps the only non-lethal element with any drug use is lithium.

    And don't get me started on the herbal cures out there. They aren't regulated by the FDA and some people think this is great. I think that this means that there don't have to be studies done proving its effectiveness, it can be marketed for any reason someone thinks up, it doesn't even need to be safely made following FDA regulations and most of the time it's a scam.
    Didn't you ever notice that those things' basis is anecdotal evidence?
  16. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    Listen to sugar.. I am on my 2 years of being addicted to coke.. And i am proud to say i am day 12 of being clean.. It drives friends and family away.. Its only fun at first, then it quickly becomes ugly..

    Not to meantion.. Weed and coke is a boring combo and basically doesnt make much sense..

    I never smoke weed when I want to be "high" from coke..

    Coke at first made me talk like a million miles an hour, but after long term use.. You get to the point where you can barely make a sentence while on the shit!! You get extreme anxiety.. Just dont touch it!! I swear on my life on this one!
  17. Doran

    Doran Member

    The reason being is that our food is so processed now-a-days our stomach cant handle the things it once did. How do you think the first pilgrims survived before the help of the Indians? They were starving there asses off and went out into the woods to pick things from trees, ground, and other things.

    Nature can be used for your survival.

    Coke fucks up peoples lives enough said.
  18. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Right on bro., it became a chore to me after a couple of years. Like I'd go on these 5 day binges, and hell..ya gotta take care of business, so you gotta keep on doing it. It's pure evil, I swear. Congrats on your being clean sweetie. It's not easy, damn do I know that. I had a really really hard time with it. I used it as a comfort drug. I had lost my mama to cancer and found out my husband was cheating on me all in one month. I was a lost soul after that..I just couldn't deal with everything. Then came out the monster in me. My habit reached to about a grand a week, and how I ever came out of it I'll never know. I learned alot from it..that I'll forever be thankful for. I'm still considered an addict from everyone I know. If I loose so much weight, or act depressed..it's "well, she's fallen off the wagon again". I do hate that, but I understand. The best way I've found is staying away from it totally. I have isolated myself from anyone I know who does it. It's the only way for me.
  19. ves+einn

    ves+einn Member

    i've got some coke right here, I was wondering how it feels the first time you do it? burns like hell and you canĀ“t feel your face? is it a pleasant experience?
  20. thebuffster

    thebuffster Member

    I have used coke recreationally on many occassions. I always have weed around to smoke when I'm coming down.

    Ves, coke makes you feel very "up": You're AWAKE, happy, and have a ton of energy. It does make your face feel kind of numb, but also really good.

    I have smoked pot and done coke together many times, too. I think it's a lot of fun. Do a line, smoke a bowl, repeat. I sometimes get way too tired when just smoking pot, so it's the exact opposite experience with coke. You feel stoned, and you're awake and aware enough to experience it differently than normal.

    However, I never do a whole lot of coke, usually <1 gram per "binge." I think that's the trick.

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