Post some songs that offend

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rahab, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Haha, good one
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    Delicious! Remains one of my favs

    Hengitt er vi
    Til Mørkets keiser
    Den allmektiges kraft
    (Som) Fører vårt sinn
    I kamp
    Mot godhet og løgn

    Dog fiendens hær er fattig
    Er den stor
    Men vi skal ta dem alle
    Og hente dem inn
    En etter en

    Det håp de ser i gud
    Skal forsvinne i et hav av torner
    De torner deres falske frelser
    Engang følte spikret i sin skalle

    Himmelen skal rakne
    Og en fandens torden
    skal buldre å brake
    Hans krefter vil røyne
    Der Mørkets front
    Beseirer lystes pest

    Øyne vil renne i sorg
    Når de innser (at) deres gud
    ikke lenger kan hjelpe
    Det håp de så i gud
    Er svunnet og vekk for alltid

    De følger nå sin falske felser
    Som fortsatt er bærer av en krone
    Med torner
    Men konge ble han ikke

    English translation:

    Devoted are we
    To the emperor of the dark
    The power of the almighty
    (Which)leads our minds
    Into battle
    Against the good and their lies

    Though the enemy's army is poor
    It is big
    But we shall take them all
    Gather them up
    One by one

    The hope they saw in God
    Shall disappear in an ocean of thorns
    The thorns their fake messiah
    Once felt nailed to his skull

    Heaven shall be torn
    And a fucking thunder
    Shall boulder and roar
    His powers will go weak
    Where the front of dark
    Conquer the plague of light

    Eyes will run in sorrow
    When they realize (that) their god
    No longer can help
    The hope they found in God
    Is gone and so it shall be forever

    Now they follow their fake salvator
    Who still carries a crown
    of thorns
    But king he never became
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    Most songs I hear on the radio offend my ears.
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    'Baby it;s cold outside' seemed to offend people all of a sudden this past year.
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    "seemed" being the key word, since nobody has ever actually encountered anyone who was offended by it, just a ton of people that were offended because people were allegedly offended.
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  17. I was offended because people where offended by people being allegedly offended
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    Sometimes I wonder how boring Australia must be for you to worry so much about America. Not just worry but to be so angry at some Americans. To attach yourself to issues that have nothing to do with you. Life is short go outside. I hear you have some lovely hiking in the country side.

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