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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Newbie, May 18, 2004.

  1. Newbie

    Newbie Member

    just last saturday, my friend and I did a wake-n-bake. and i decided we would go in the woods. so we smoked a FATTIE (we are newbs so we get high easily) and about 10 minutes we were BLAZED in the woods. and it's like a huge adventure, the trees are changing colors and it just feels awesome. then jumping around and running down hills... omg... it's so cool.
  2. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    Well My buddy who moved to a town 11km away used to live in my town and we could smoke up in this room in his basement. and we always went there to hoot. They had this bong made out of those Tornado Lamps(Those lamps with water in it and little blue and white rocks, when turned on the rocks make a tornado. It was a hooka, with 4 tubes for people to hoot and a big bowl. We had lots of weed that day and we packed a full bowl. First it didnt work, turned out the tube that went into the water was clogged with Resin. Once it was fixed every one had thier lighter in one corner of the bowl(pritty big fucker) and we all took a hit at the same time, filling the bong up with so much smoke we couldnt see a damn thing in it, no tube, barely even the water. I inhaled, didnt feel it but had one of the biggest hits I had ever taken. After everone was done exhaling and the bowl was covered. There was a shitload of smoke bellowing threw the room. Craziest days I had every had.
  3. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    The trees were changing colors? Wow, must have been some pretty good stuff...
  4. ignore this...i suck at using forums...
  5. I have one of those! that is brilliant!... i am so going to make a hookah out of it...

    did your buddy have the slide dropping down from the top?
  6. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    Nah, they took the blue part out and put tin foil in I think, This happened last summer so my minds a lil cloudy, but build it the best u can, and then grab 4 friends, and some pot, and enjoy the rips man, I got real high that day. Just make sure u drill holes threw the clear part very carefully, would suck to have it break.
  7. yeah i've made quite a few bongs in the past couple trying to imagine where the slide would go...i guess i could put it on the top in the middle and have four tubes on the sides... did you guys have it turned on when you smoked out of it? that would be sweet...

    looks like i have a project for this weekend
  8. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    We never turned it on, I have heard from them they turned it on but it wasnt that great. Plus the water wuz yucky and stinky o_O
    So make sure you change the bong water every now and then.
  9. PeRrY

    PeRrY Member

    Yesterday, me and a bunch of my friends had nothing else to do so we decided to go to a near by town and go on a nature walk at some park type thing that we have never been to before.
    We walked into the woods for about an hour and sat down to smoke, After we did we all just got up and followed one person who just "seemed" like they knew where we were going, Not even realizing that we weren't staying on the trails and were walking in the wrong direction.
    After about 45 mins. passed, we were like, "wait,where the fuck are we" and everyon was like oh shit. So we stumbled around for about another hour,back tracking many times untill we came to some dudes backyard, which led us to the road.
    We had ended up about a 1/4 mile away from the trail opening and had to hike the road back because it was almost dark.
    Even though we got lost for a lil while, it was still fun to go on an adventure in a place that we had never gone to before
  10. A few days ago me and a friend were walking through the woods, smoking a blunt and two joints between the two of us. Everything was beautiful, the trees were so tall and it looked like they were bending. And we found his old hangout with bike jumps and everything. We chilled there for a bit, it was a heat spot to say the least.
    We decided to head back to school, but when we went to leave, we had forgot which way led out of the forest... we spent a good hour trying to get out of there, and we had went around in circles, finding ourselves back where we started several times. When we finally got out, our shoes covered in mud, we found ourselves a click or two away from school... we wouldn't have been able to find our way back from there if it wasn't for a nearby store which has many yellow flags which we used as guides to get back.
    Damn, good times.
  11. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    ooh, this is perfect. i wanted to post some shit, but didn't wanna make a new thread.

    well, i've been smoking a lot lately, cuz people are back from college with weed, and one of my friends is selling it, so he has tons of weed and smokes all the time. you can't beat free weed.

    the other night, we were smoking bongs in this kid's basement, and he got so stoned. he said something like, ok, i'm getting dizzy, i need to go pass out, but you guys can stay here. we all just left.

    and last night, 8 of us crammed into this tiny ass room that we call "the shack" and smoked some bongs. i got fucking blazed last night. i smoked a bowl, like 4 or 5 huge bongs, and then a nice sized blunt. good times. i also watched some kids blow some oxycotin or something. i passed on that though. nothing goes up my nose.

    after writing this, i realize that it's pointless, but i'm gonna post it anyways.
  12. it's like a rubber mask with eye holes, a mough hole and a nose hole, but in the middle of the mask is a short length of chain with a piece of wood or metal on the end (like if you were to cut a pair of nun-chucks in half and then stick half on the front of a rubber mask).

  13. One time i was smoking in my room listenin to some Deftones and all of the sudden i was listening to Change and i felt like i was raising from my bed...pretty fukin scary...
  14. That's amazing! I remember a few summers ago me and my friends rolled up a few joints and we brought this go-kart thing to the forest with us and we found a big hill and we all took turns on it! had a blast until the wheels fell off and my friend Mike almost broke his arm! :eek:
  15. eh i smoke "fattie"s in the woods all the time. *thinks* mostly everyday. but today we schemed all day for some pot because we didn't have any cash. so it was like 4 when we got enough to roll a nice blunt, passion fruit flavor. We smoked it on the rocks in the woods, next to this big lake. then we laid in the sun and then went swimming. by the time we hit taco bell 2 hours later, hot dogs and playing spades at heathers 3 hours later, and bringing matt home 5 hours later, i was still stoned. that never ever happens, once i eat, my high usually is trash. but a good day non the less. tomorrow will be betta, pay day!
  16. lordcthulhu

    lordcthulhu Member

    I get lost alot when smoking in the woods becuase the trees always confuse me. I don't really do it anymore unless some of my freinds are with me. One time me and my girl freinds passed out in the woods after a HUGE smoking session of 5 joints between four people. We woke up at early dusk and were so tired that we barely made it out of the woods where we took a quick nap on some bench just on the outer rim of the woods, then we eventually made it home where we smoked two more bowls together. It was pretty cool.
  17. reef

    reef Member

    yesterday i was at the mall and this girl comes up to me and she was like dude it's not my fault the trees are green and i was like okay......

    then promtly walked away.

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