Post-coital vaginal bleeding

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by opium_eyes, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    (i'm sorry it's so long, if you read all the way through, i really appreciate it)

    so me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a month now and everything is just peachy... almost.
    about the second or third time we had sex he slipped out of the right hole and slipped too close to the wrong one. (i've never had anal sex and never plan to.) he didn't go all the way up inside.. about half an inch? maybe? anyways i yelped and bled.. alot. for a few days. i had to wear pads to work like i was on my period... except half as much blood. about a week later we tried again and everything felt fine... but i still bled. i thought maybe we were just upsetting the wound in the back... but that's not where the blood is coming from.
    the blood is coming from up inside the vaginal area. i've tried looking for any tears or cuts with a mirror, but i can't see anything. everything LOOKS fine.
    i don't feel any pain during sex, but i can tell when i'm bleeding. it's ALOT of fresh, thin bright red blood. no old blood at all. no clotting and the blood smells strongly of iron. more so than blood like when you cut your finger. i'm not sure if that's just because of where it comes from but i figured it was worth mentioning. also, i bleed whether i come or not. once i thought the blood was really thick, but it was just mixed in with alot of extra fluid.
    as usual there are certain non-scary non-health-related things to mention a) i've only ever had sex with two other guys in my life. one of them was just a one time thing and the other was a long term relationship. b) this boyfriend is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than both of those guys... put together. and uncut. c) when we have sex it's slightly...rough. well, more than slightly.
    with the last one though, the first time we had sex was by far rougher than any sex we've had since, and i bleed even when we're doing the slow, passionate, gentle... "making love" brand of sex. also we've tried making sure he doesn't go in too deep, and still just as much blood.
    about an hour afterwards i get slight abdominal cramps that usually only last about 10 minutes and are completely bareable, but the other night i got them so bad that i was laying in a hot bath for 2 hours just crying. i hadn't hed sex with him that night, but i had that morning.
    i want to make sure i cover all of my bases and give you guys any info that could help you help me so
    - i'm not on birth control
    - i've found the bleeding happens sooner when we use condoms, but it still happens when we don't use them
    - all of my hormones have been completely out of whack for the last 2 weeks and i'm not pregnant or on the verge of menstruation. the latter should come in about 2 weeks.

    i do plan on making a doctor's appaointment... but i've never had a pelvic exam before and i'm terrified. however, me breaking down and crying and scrubbing my mattress/the towel we put under me is slightly more frightening.

    any help is greatly, GREATLY appreciated. this isn't fun.
  2. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    No bc? We will be reading the thread announcing your pregnancy soon. FACT!
  3. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    not exactly helping, are ya?
  4. DQ Veg


    I had an ex that had problems similar to yours. It sounds like you have some kind of tear in the vaginal wall (she had an ulceration of her cervix)-did he go into your vagina after he accidentally went in the 'back door'? If he did, he also could have very easily introduced microorganisms into your vagina that caused an infection. If he ever goes into your anus with his dick, make sure he REAL THOROUGHLY washes it with soap and water (at the least) before he puts it in your vagina. There are loads of microrganisms in the rectum that can cause infections in the vagina. Sure hope you feel better, hon.
  5. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    yeah, have to agree... pretty stupid not to use birth control.

    Other than that... go to the doctor. Turns out, there aren't many gynocologists on the hipforums.
  6. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    no he didn't. we went right to the bathroom and then i was sort of turned off to sex for a little while, haha.

    thanks :)
  7. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    it's not like i'm the only one not on birth control.
    i have my reasons.
  8. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    wasn't saying you were the ONLY one not of birth control. It's good you have your reasons... like, myself.. I am allergic to latex, and can't be on the pill as I have dangerously thin blood as is (the pill makes me faint). But guess what? There are other forms of Birth Control.. and an allergic reaction to latex is probably.. just probably, better than contracting AIDS. Just a thought.

    Living in Canada, at the age of 19, there is no... let me repeat that... NO LOGICAL reason for you not to be protecting yourself sexually. There is free birth control available all over the place. At universities, and some high schools, free condoms are handed out like candy. And it's not like going to the doctor is going to cost you anything.

    So. Go to the doctor about this rectal/vaginal bleeding. He could have torn your rectal lining. What colour is the blood? If its dark, like period blood, then its not fresh... but still something to worry about. While you are at the doctor, talk to them about getting on some freaking birthcontrol... unless you want AIDS, of course.
  9. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    i have condoms. i buy condoms, actually. i use them almost everytime, we tried to see if it was the condoms making me bleed.
    it's bright red thin blood. not menstural blood.
    it's not coming from the back, it's coming from the vaginal area.

    birth control doesn't protect against aids.
    getting tested, using condoms and knowing your partner's sexual history DOES.
    not that it's any of your business but it just so happens every woman in my family has very very bad problems with birth control and i have problems with depression.
    i've been considering it, but there are so many more pros than cons.

    drop the fucking birth control thing, please. that's not what my post was about.
  10. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    Ok... fine. Do what you want... just let me say that the only reason I've been so tough on the BC issue is because you are young and healthy (besides this bleeding) and living in a country with good medical care... I just want you to STAY healthy and young! An unplanned pregnancy will make you grow up really fast.

    Please do note that I did also say, and this will be for the THIRD time... GO TO THE DOCTOR!!
  11. opium_eyes

    opium_eyes Une Canadien Errant

    ( i went to the doctor)

    you know you really should look into what you're talking about a little more. i have health care but birth control is NOT free. going to the doctor is, but birth control isn't ANYWHERE in my area. it's anywhere from 5-12 dollars. that isn't much... but it is if you only make 400-600 dollars a month like i do. but that wouldn't matter if there weren't 10 THOUSAND OTHER REASONS for me to be anti-birth control.

    I've been tested and I know for a fact that I do't have STDs. My boyfriend has been tested and he knows he doesn't have STDs.
    We use condoms everytime except for once when we tried it without to see if i would bleed. i did bleed and he didn't come.. pretty sure that's gotta happen for me to be fertilized.

    I'm not being stupid. I'm not, you're just assuming "oh she's not on birth control she must be ten shades of fucking retarded and un-protected and doesn't even know where babies come from".
    I know at leats a little about what i'm doing and how my body works.
  12. icedteapriestess

    icedteapriestess linguistic freak

    Where I live, there is free birth control available.
    Doctors will often give their patients sample packs of the pill if they can't afford it.

    At the Universities there are always condoms available for free, donated by Planned Parenthood, at Student Services.

    At high school, the Peer Councellors always have condoms, again donated by Planned Parenthood, to give out (we weren't allowed to give them out at Student Services as some of the parent's had a fit, so we got around it by having the students give them out in a way that isn't affiliated with the school).

    Basically hon, I assumed that there would be simular things available to you in Ontario. I mean, if we have it in Saskatchewan, it stood to reason that there would be some available in Ontario as well.

    Its up to you.. do what you want babe... I didn't mean to sound hostile.. just want you to stay healthy and safe!

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