Possible way to extract THC? and Muscimol?

Discussion in 'Hashish' started by gnomefootlocker, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I dont know if this is already a known way of extracting THC from marijuana, but heres my idea--
    Dissolve THC from weed high proof alcohol. (i use mint extract, which is around 89% alcohol content). Basically make marijuana tinture.
    But instead of turning off the heat to get tinture, you continue to heat the alcohol until all of the alcohol has boiled off. The THC shouldn't boil off because the melting point of THC is 392 F while alcohol boils at 173 F.
    You should end up with a sticky ball of pure THC, right?

    If this works, from there i was thinking you could do the same with Amanita Muscaria to extract Muscimol in water. Correct? Would you end up with pure muscimol?

    Anyone with knowledge of this stuff, replys would be very greatful. Thanks in advance.
  2. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    WHAT? are just putting in you THC glands or WEED?
    high proof alcohol will kill your THC GLANDS! and putting weed in high proof alcohol will KILL everything GOOD in your WEED and the OIL that you will get will be VERY TOXIC and the high youll get will be from high proof alcohol« WORST WAY OF MAKING !!!

    if you want to do something GOOD that will get you high and NOT from TOXIC stuff
    youll need a glass tube wit a screen at one end and some UN-TOXIC butane« witch is illegal for sell in america youll have to oder off the net! once you spray the tube full of weed oil will come out on the side of the screen ;)this will make HONEY OIL ;)
  3. no they wont, THC is highly alcohol soluable. ever heard of green dragon???
  4. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    Yes, the preparations you described above would work- except when you extract the muscimol into water and boil it down- it will be a thick tar like substance, not pure muscimol. same with the alcohol and weed, you will not end up with pure thc, there will still be some fats and oils, but it WILL be potent as fuck and get you very high.
  5. cool, thanks
  6. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    you guys got alot to learn about oil making and hash! first using alchool YOU NOT be getting high off what its goin to give you more like the alchool will get you high!it the WORST way and ANCIENT way it how my DAD and uncle did it in the 60-70s! by smoking it youll end up burning your lungs! YES EVEN IF ALCHOOL AINT THERE ITS STILL IN YOUR OIL! and VERY TOXIC! wait why dont you use a pressure cooker and BLOW your up? kill yourself faster then smoking toxic shit!or even better us GAZ!« dont forget to drink some 2!!
  7. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned till the year 2050 Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    in canada and many countries that is how you make weed oil..its not that potent cause you left in the clorophyl...google butane method of making honey oil..there is none better...butane boils at one half a degree
  8. but what if you just boiled it down to a TINY bit of liquid (a few dropper fulls maybe) that you could then dop under your tongue? Would that work?
  9. OneBrainCell

    OneBrainCell Member

    boilling at its maximum till its like glue! lets say you smoke .1 of this its like smoking 20grams of shit in one hit! and alchool will burn your stomach and you may feel sick from smoking it!the way you wanna do this is like what crackhead go to clean they crack pipe and it tasty shit! if you wanna make and smoke something that will blow your mind get what i sayed and ROLLINGALON! cost you about 10-15$ at HOMEDEPOT just make sure your tube is glass and use double screens wit un toxic butante« hard to find!
    you can check on youtube under honey oil making!!
  10. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    this thread lackss direction. there seems to be some confusion to what we are discussing.

    If you want to extract thc into a potent form, an alcohol exract would be the way to go.
    To do this: soak and ounce of finley ground weed in isopropanol alcohol for 3 days, filter and re-soak and combine the alcohol extracts into a saucepan and CAREFULLy evaporate over low heat.
    Reduce to a tar like substance and dry further to make sure all the iso alcohol has evaporated.
    scrape/collect the tar, powder it and soak in everclear.
    filter, resoak and combine the liquids into an eyedropper bottle.
    can be stored for years- away from sunlight tho.
  11. soulesswizard

    soulesswizard Member

    as for muscimol if all you want is pure muscimol of good quality you can buy it legally from a chemical supplier it goes under the name of PANTHERINE and is fairly cheap.
  12. amber_butter

    amber_butter Guest

    And there is typically always butane left in your oil too, which also isn't good. All commercial grade butane has one or two oderants (tis a law, butane is a completely undetectable gas) 80 degrees Celsius is the lowest temp one boils at...93 is the highest one, to my knowledge. most aren't toxic in the amount there used.. given that it's being used for it's intended purpose.. NO, non-speciality(instrument, research grade) butane is NEVER higher than 99% pure.. you put 400gs of tane through an ounce you've still got at least 4gs of impurities, for only aprox. 4gs of product. let's say some of those impurities are isobutane/propane, you might only be looking at a say lets guess a quarter of a gram ...(very out of my asshole amounts here btw); that's still 6% percent of your honey oil, being potentially toxic stinky nasty tasting shit. or just benzene/hexane and other byproducts of the production of butane. That's not an amount you want to be injesting so directly. It can definitely be safe.. but definitely not as well... same with an ethanol/ isoproponal, those can be safe, with care, caution, a brain, and a vacuum desiccator.. (desiccators are always VERY recommended for the eg. butane/hexane/chloroform extractions as well.)

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