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  1. Because I'm starting to apply for jobs again I stopped smoking a little over a week ago just b/c I don't wanna fuck up not getting a good job b/c I failed a drug test. I know the time it takes for weed to be out of your system (in regards to a piss test) can vary a bit, depending on your body type, how much water u drink, and how much you smoke, etc. So I'm 5'8'' 140 lbs, I run, lift weights, ab stuff, w/e at least once a day for an hour or two, drink pretty much only water,and when I did smoke it was only about once a day, do you think my time is significantly lessened (not sure if that's a word) and about how long it would take me to pass a drug test?
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    Ok I'm gonna let you in on a little secret I learned back in my days when I pretended to be a cop.

    Jump up and down on your left foot, flick your left nut with your right hand, and sing Bah Bah Blacksheep.

    There you go, test passed. This also works on blood tests and high school exams.
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    buy fake piss and tape it to your leg. they cant watch you pee for drug tests for jobs. Make sure to have a hand warmer on it! And heat it in the microwave before
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    and if they do try to watch you go to your doctor..tell him blushing kidney.

    ps. is everyone getting job drug tests lately theres been a few people posting threads like this i think?
  5. If you just stopped smoking yesterday, give it about two weeks. If you don't have that kind of time, you can always try the alternatives.

    You can take some goldenseal, and then niacin. Goldenseal pulls the THC into your bloodstream and niacin purifies your blood. Do that once or twice, and then wait a few days for the goldenseal to get out of your system.

    Another alternative is mixing one drop of eucalyptus oil with water and drinking it. Be warned, though: eucalyptus is dangerous in higher quantities. One drop, you're clean, two drops, you piss blood, three drops, you're dead.

    Or you can drink white vinegar. Yes, I know. I've read the articles. They're right; vinegar won't clean your system. But it will clean your urinary tract. Your body won't be clean, but your piss will.

    Hope I helped somewhat.
  6. Yeah, I don't have any interviews lined up where I have to get a drug test (at least not that I know of), but I would rather not have to worry about it in case I did have to get one. of course once I get a job it's all good.
  7. maybe you should try using the FAQ..

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