Positive, hippie ways a Web Dev can earn a living

Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by unity100, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. unity100

    unity100 Member

    im wondering, is there any such way ?

    without being a gear in the machine etc ?

    the way it is now im already doing contract work to ordinary people, and very small businesses. ie 'the people'. small estores and such, people who have dreams of online business and giving it a shot etc.

    but im wondering. is there another route that's possible. which would ... well, you know what i mean.
  2. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Uh, develop websites?

    You speak as if there's a huge difference between how 'hippies' do something and how 'normal people' do things.

    Do whats right. Don't ever forget that people are worth more than little printed pieces of paper.
  3. unity100

    unity100 Member

    you dont get the point. of course there is a difference in which a hippie does certain stuff and a non hippie does.

    a non hippie may see no problems working as a butcher for example. or, as a mercenary. or, as a petroleum station worker.

    however our outlook is different than many people. we intend to further mankind's evolution a step further, bringing in important philosophical perspectives that are needed to reform many of the ways we do things, ranging from issues relating to climate change to attitude towards others.

    therefore yes, im wondering, whether there is readily an approach which is a step further than the one i know, for web developers.
  4. daisymelan

    daisymelan Professional fence sitter

    What types of website development do you do? Do you ever do the onpage content? If so, I can steer you into what I do online. I had to learn website development after I got going, if you already know it, you are laughing. Most of my sites are now WP and I have one that I tried using Joomla for.. that was a trial. lol

    You will be amazed at the freedom you can have with these skills. I work online full time now and will never have to go back to "rat race". I'm loving it! So are my kiddos.
  5. Velvet Smoke

    Velvet Smoke Member

    what ?? you make it sound as though 'hippies' (however you care to define them ?) are some kind of superior group and everyone else doesnt giv a shit and cant be of any use with their ideas or thoughts.
    u cant say 'hippies' wouldnt be butchers etc, thats like a personal view point so u cant just stereotype all hippies as bein vegetarian or whatever..
  6. unity100

    unity100 Member

    i am running a small shop that does ecommerce development and general web development. we are doing ok. freedom is enough. im in my pajamas in my living room in front of a 28 inch monitor.

    i want to be able to do more good with what im doing. something more spirituall satisfying.
  7. unity100

    unity100 Member

    my definition of hippie is much narrower than yours apparently.
  8. Xora

    Xora Member

    Of course you can!
    Help small business get started, have free hosting, help them materialize there dreams!

    I run a web developments/hosting/security company, Joken Design. And I always stick to these ethics. I can't count the number of people who had an idea of something they wanted to sell but they didn't have the money for a website, so you set something up so they can pay after. When they are doing better. You would be surprised after doing quite a ffew sites the word of mouth that gets out. Not to mention you are building a better and better portfolio which allows you to work for bigger company, make a bit of money, and help them do it in a artistic or fun way.
  9. daisymelan

    daisymelan Professional fence sitter

    That's great Xora!

    My thoughts are this... I am fulfilled because I enjoy my work and it gives me time to do what I feel is important in my life right now. But if you make decent money, that should give you plenty of time for following your passions and helping to make a difference if that is what is important to you.
  10. unity100

    unity100 Member

    im already kinda doing that. i want something more.
  11. Xora

    Xora Member

    Perhaps you should elaborate on what you mean then.
    You haven't listed what skills you have, so I cant really suggest something.

    But really a Web Designer or Programmer working in Web Design has a few paths, working for small companies contract per contract, you can work for a large Web Design company, not ever meeting your clinets jsut stuck in a room working, you can try to get big client independently but alot of time you end up having to pick up a free lancer for a bit of cash to get things done on time. There isn't alot of other paths.
  12. unity100

    unity100 Member

    skills are not a problem. they can be acquired to meet the goals. inspiration and goal in the manner i described is the problem.
  13. DazedGypsy

    DazedGypsy fire

    what exactly is it that you want?
    maybe web development is not the direction for you.
    but first you have to answer what you're trying to accomplish. or what fulfills you.
  14. unity100

    unity100 Member

    if i exactly known what i wanted to do in that direction, i would be doing that. im asking in order to get some ideas.
  15. DazedGypsy

    DazedGypsy fire

    ok. I wasn't asking what do you want to do as in what career but as in what you hope to get out of any line of work.
  16. unity100

    unity100 Member

    to be of service and good in the manner that resonates with my soul
  17. mokrit

    mokrit Member

    How about developing a digital product of some sort? You can create an
    ebook that focuses on something that you believe in - maybe green living,
    improving your health, something like that.

    Set up a website to sell your product, make a blog, create a forum around it
    - develop a community and become a leader in your field of choice. Doing
    that will get you search engine rankings and you will gradually grow a
    customer base that knows and trusts you.

    Then you can sell them things they want, that help them or the world, and
    you will have created your own way of supporting yourself in the process -
    all from a very positive thing.

    It is a lot of work, but with a little creativity and dedication it can be done!

    If you have the technical knowledge to be able to make your thoughts
    manifest online in a professional way then you are way ahead of the game

    Good luck figuring out your path. :)
  18. lunarverse

    lunarverse The Living End

    Thats awsome. You give me hope. I got excepted to college yesterday and I'm taking web technology/ web design. I have realised that I will NEVER be a 9-5 person ever. It's just not me. I hope to one day be able to do what you do. Peace :)
  19. mokrit

    mokrit Member

    I agree too - I have web development skills and it easily keeps you out of the 9-5.

    It can be a lot of fun too, because there is always more to learn.

    And, you can work from anywhere in the world, which is a huge plus!
  20. mokrit

    mokrit Member

    lunarverse - I love this sig. Asking the question of whether or not all of this is real is what has contributed most to my spirituality and buddhist ways.

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