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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by drorganic1966, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. drorganic1966

    drorganic1966 Member

    does these things relay work . as i take Oxycontin and roxycodone and some times run out .and need somthing and have been reading on Papaver somniferum pods .do they work good as a tea. and wher do i get them?
  2. psychdevil

    psychdevil Member

    xcen > it[​IMG]

    [​IMG]Yes, they definitely do work.

    But I'm not sure how they compare to oxycontin and roxycodone.

    Try googling "dried poppy pods" and looking at results for your country. They are often sold as "craft supplies" for flower-arranging etc.
  3. drorganic1966

    drorganic1966 Member

    what is the best ones to make tea from? and is there a place on line wher to buy them?
  4. oc_love47

    oc_love47 Banned

    I'm wondering the same things. I don't know which kind to buy or where to buy them. Heellpp?
  5. Nismosis

    Nismosis Member

    You need Papaver poppy pods. which are kidna hard to find i think.
  6. poppies4all

    poppies4all Member

    they are easy to find, sometimes they are a little expensive but deffinately cheaper than the methadone clinic, and better if u ask me.just google buy dried poppy pods, or poppy pods, or something of the like and trie to find the best prices
    i find 4 or 5 medium pods are better than 200 mg of mscontin(morphine)wich is the main alkoid in them. they work great for pain or dope sickness. i'd rather pods than a lot of pharmaceuticals.

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