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Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by L.A.T.W.F.M.F.M.R., Jan 17, 2009.

  1. What's your favorite position? Why is that your favorite?:D:D:D
  2. sg girl

    sg girl Member

    he has an awsum view
    n i control da rythem
  3. jia

    jia Member

    Depends on the guy, I suppose. Cowgirl is what I like to do most of the time, but there is something to be said about being bent over and ravished so I'm not sure I could live without doggy either.
  4. zakarrah

    zakarrah Member

    Cowgirl/Reverse cowgirl..pulling my hair and spanking my ass...yeah...Deeper penetration, he has a great view and I'm in control..but boy..doggy is awesome too....
  5. jia

    jia Member

    Pulling hair is a prerequisite for doggy. It's just assumed. If you're not pulling my hair youre not doing it right.
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  6. zakarrah

    zakarrah Member

    Exactly!!! Reverse cowgirl too...:p
  7. Greengirl

    Greengirl Senior Member

    i dig the doggy style the best.
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  8. Britneyr

    Britneyr Member

    doggy is definately my fav, he can go really deep and it takes very little effort on either part
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  9. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    My ass hanging off the bed and him standing up.
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  10. jamaican_youth

    jamaican_youth Senior Member

    Hmm, not a single girl here prefers face to face sex.
  11. meeker

    meeker Member

    i like face to face sex...guy on top with his arm hooked under my leg pulling it up..deep penetration, i can watch his expressions and its easier to kiss him. not that there arenet many other great ways
  12. ElChivato

    ElChivato SeNioR MeMBeR

    yeah, face to face sex is good but sometimes doggy style is just absolutely necessary :)
  13. Barbarella101

    Barbarella101 Member

    Me ontop! Always my best work!
  14. ShyCouple

    ShyCouple Member

    I l really enjoy being on top, but like it best when he is on top, kinda like "meeker" said. Doggy is fun but hurts sometimes.
  15. rati

    rati Guest

    i lk 2 fuckd in dogy ,
  16. ok this is not a freakin' Twitter, MySpace, or Text... fucking type in ENGLISH & compelte fucking sentences!

    god I hate that...

    As a guy my wife is at her best cowgurl.. she can totally work me over like there is tomorrow... I very much enjoy reverse cowgurl, so I can watch her ass & slip my "thumb in her bum" as they taught me in the UK...

    For me... after her 2nd or 3rd orgasm.. if I am done... Doggie... her on all 4's, thumb in her luscious ass.. feeling her pulse just before I cum... heaven!
  17. harjob

    harjob Member

    For me it depnds on how much he is erect. With perfect erection we love standing. or else doggy ......cool!!:D
  18. ##Angela

    ##Angela Member

    Missionary, my best work
  19. stms0924

    stms0924 Member

    Doggy because my man can slap my ass and pull my hair
    Missionary is my other fav position I just love looking at my man he's sexy
  20. Katravenclaw

    Katravenclaw BottemsUp

    Doggy. He can pull my hair, finger my clit and thrust balls deep in my ass with no barriers at all. Also good for pre sex anillingus to get me started without having to change positions. He licks, I cum, he slides right in.
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