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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by jesuswasamonkey, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

    I have always loved political cartoons, so here are some links to some good ones I wanted to share. If anyone else has links to PCs feel free to share :)

    Peter Bagge , my personal favorite PCist - from Reason

    A site all about political cartoons featuring many artists

    Betcha never knew Dr Seuss did PCs

    Ok, everyone knows about Political Strikes, but it deserves a link here

    Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" - a classic in the making

    Bartcop.com - your one stop shop for political humor

    "The Boondocks" by Aaron McGruder - an excellent daily strip

    Anyways, there's lots more out there, this is just all I could be bothered to horde right now.

  2. FreakyJoeMan

    FreakyJoeMan 100% Batshit Insane

    Hey, you forgot Get Your War On!
  3. FireQuint

    FireQuint Member

  4. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

    Here's a crappy little PC I did in windows Paint. It's ok, but man I miss Photoshop :(

    P.S. Feel free to rip this all you want, feel free to put it up on your website, t-shirts, or post office wanted board. I don't care.
  5. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

    Here's one I drew back in early '03.
  6. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

  7. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy


    Ok, so they're dumb jokes. Sue me:p
  8. razm

    razm Member

    hibbidy jibbidy

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