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  1. Anyone know any polish band?

    so, gold era of polish music was in 80s. Firtsly DZEM (eng.Jam) the greatest polish blues-rock band ever. Rysiek Riedel the icon of polish music world. We calles for him ' the last hippies of polish times'. check out some of their music. rysiek died at 1994, drugs :(


    one of the greats hard rock PL bands. They still playing and recording. if you want to see two angus youngs check out thei first LP 'live' from 1982.

    Tadeusz Nalepa/breakout

    the most influencial polish bluesman, he was died 2 weeks ago :(

    I was written about only 3 bands, but we've got a lot of good stuff ;)

    polish jazzmans are/was very famous on the worls too.
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    Decapitated and Vader are Polish death metal bands, and both pretty popular too.
    I like Decapitated a lot, Vader not so much.

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