Discussion in 'Gardening' started by flmkpr, May 23, 2007.

  1. flmkpr

    flmkpr Senior Member

    ive tryed every thing but poison! any suggestions? helllllpppp!
  2. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Keep at them and don't let it flower. You can't really get at all the root, and actually they are kind of attractive. Did you know that the berries at one time were used for ink? And you can always eat the young green leaves...that's what poke salad is all about.
  3. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    Warning: Even young poke contains some poison. Prepare as follows:

    Pick young pokeweed leaves and stems of plants up to 8 inches tall, collected only in springtime, and without any pieces of the toxic taproot.
    To prepare: Wash the poke, then place it in a large pot of cold water, bring to a rapid boil for 20 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold tepid water. Bring to a rapid boil, starting with cold water, for a second boil for 20 minutes. Again drain and rinse with cold tepid water. Now for the third time, starting over cold tepid water bring to a rapid boil for 20 more minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water. Let drain completely.
    Each time you drain, use a colander and press the pokeweed against the colander with a slotted spoon to press out as much water as possible.

    For more Poke reciepes plus acorns, bayberries, burdock, cattail, chickweed, curly dock, dandelions, purslane, ramps (Wild Leeks), and a bunch of other stuff check: http://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/Web Recipes/Recipes Page.html

  4. flmkpr

    flmkpr Senior Member

    ya i know all that dad! the prob. is i cant get deep enught to get all the root and its right in the middle of the garden!! aaahhhh! well ill keep beatin it with a stick!!lol but thanks for the reply! peace!

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