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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by SecretFetish, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. SecretFetish

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    Hello Men and woman, boys and girls. Straight and gays.

    A LONG LONG time ago, i posted a topic over a buttplug cockring.


    And that i would review it.

    At first. I orderd it cause i would like to try more anal. And a strapon for a single guy is a little to much.
    When you use this item. Please be sure to shave evry single hair down there. (ass and balls/penis) else it might hurt getting your hairs ript out.

    The first few times i used it i dint like it as much as now. The only good part was the anal part. And the other two just hurt like hell. Getting your balls in and then your penis. You just have to figure out your best method. When you have to struggle less, you can enjoy it more.

    When you are single. Just have some fun with it. Put it on and go do some shopping or something, evrytime your blood gets pumped to the balls/penis. Its like heaven is inviting your dick in for an all night party.

    When you have the plug inside and your penis and balls ready in the holes. Try and make long (as long als your penis is) strokes while standing. The plug in your anus will move along and it will feel great.

    When you enjoy anal, like i do. And enjoy rougher sex. This thing will sure help you out.

    It WONT make you last longer, its just that your erection takes longer to disapear. But you will come (maby) just as fast as always, but you can contiue after that for a while.

    You can keep it in for hours, even sleep with it in. You can wear a thong to keep it in place, but it has almost no use. Briefs/Boxers will do fine aswell.

    Questions? Ask me.


    Where can i buy this?
    Many online erotic shops offer this item (price in euro`s 30 to 50)

    Does this make you gay?
    No, you dont have to be gay to like things like this.

    Why would i buy it?
    The male g-spot (called the p-spot) hiddes in the mans Anus. This will proof that.

    How is it with sex?
    I cant tell. Havnt used it that way yet.

    Does it vibrate?
    Yes it does, when you buy the item for it with it.

    Is it for beginners?
    I would not say it. But its different for evryone. (how much can you take)

    Does it hurt?
    When you lose grip before your balls are in place, you are in for a real pain.
    When you have evrything as its supposed to be. It hurts a little cause your penis gets realy tied. But i love that aswell.

    Will i walk weird with this in?
    I did not, why would you?

    When i have this in/on and i have clothes on, can it be seen?
    Maby only your erection.

    Is it adjustable?

    Do i use other toys? Yes.
    Are you gay? No.
    What would you still like to try? Strapon.
  2. kp2640

    kp2640 Member

    Nice review. Thanks
  3. SecretFetish

    SecretFetish Member

    You are welcome:)
  4. SecretFetish

    SecretFetish Member

    No other comments? :(

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