Pls how to approach to my friend?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by zoezoe, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. zoezoe

    zoezoe Visitor

    I have close friend, even we sleep together, but cant sex, so sad, how to approach to get sex with her. Any Idea for me. how to do she become horny? pls pls
  2. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    You might ask her if you can play with her breasts or clit .
  3. Barry Mandelay

    Barry Mandelay Members

    This is funny. You have a beautiful woman in bed next to you and you don't know how to get her horny. Okay, sorry, you really don't know. Start by gathering her up as you lay down together and tell her you just want to hold her for a while. It's best to be in the spoons position where you pull her little ass into your abdomen curling your legs up under hers. Then begin by softly kissing her neck. Don't rush it. Take it slow. Women need time to work into horniness. Soft kisses and a light reach around to her breasts. If she doesn't resist continue with light nipple play. If she rolls towards you it is now game on. Kiss her lips and slide to her clitoris. This has all the nerve endings that drives her to want you to fuck her. But again take it slow if she lets you. Once she is all wet and ready you can climb aboard. It's best if you slide down and lick her with your tongue to give her an orgasm. Then she will be begging to have your cock inside her. If at any point she resists and doesn't wish for you to go any further then stop. Back off and re-evaluate your relationship.

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