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Discussion in 'Spanking' started by StoriLynn, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. StoriLynn

    StoriLynn Members

    Of course to each their own!! Absolutely!!

    As a sensual sexual female, although, I LOVE to be spanked gently, but hard enough to FEEL it. I had a custom paddle made. I verbalize and communicate on EXACTLY what I want, where I want it, and the amount of force. To me, there is no other greater turn on than to to bent over a knee and have my ass spanked. Usually in thong underwear. That just how I personally like it. The feeling of my pussy being vibrated while being spanked is a bonus too. It’s AWESOME if done correctly!!
  2. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    Sure sounds like a good time, making yourself wide open to someone you can trust is great. Who do you have do the spanking?
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  3. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    That is very similar to my Mrs. She is not into the pain side of things and prefers firm but gentle strokes .I am guessing that you have a very sensitive bottom like my Mrs. Like yourself she likes wearing a minimum of a thong .I think the main difference between yourself and my Mrs is that we like doing role plays and she enjoys playing the naughty student . Perhaps this is something you could explore as well ? It certainly brings a fun element into the bedroom routine. Your paddle could always be used in the role play as well .The implement we tend to use is a fur covered paddle for when we we use one, otherwise its just my hand.
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  4. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Absolutely. During sex what might normally be considered painful can be very erotic. The term "no pain - no gain" really applies here.
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  5. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    Generally many women like the sensation rather than extreme pain. Many guys tend to be the opposite way around . The term Ying and the Yang come to mind . There are many many exceptions of course so I am not trying to generalise things.
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  6. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    Most guys will not admit they like a good spanking but secretly they do!
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  7. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    I think the biggest hurdle is trying to bring the subject up when your in a relationship because going from say Vanilla Sex into any form of spanking is such a big step and there may well be doubts on how your partner reacts to such a suggestion. If you already practice kink in a relationship then of course it would be perhaps easier to introduce .
    A third party could and does often help here in a specialist role.
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  8. Bogey

    Bogey Members

    My wife and I have enjoyed sexual spankings since we first dated. It supercharges sex for us. What's a moderate spanking for us might be heavy to someone else, but we say what we like and we get it.
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  9. Kinkey

    Kinkey Members

    You bet. I love to get the whip or willow used on my ass!!

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