please tell me this lsd is okay.

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by violentwaves, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. violentwaves

    violentwaves Guest

    ok so tonight i went to my dealers house to buy some weed. i ended up telling him the story of my previous night's insane lsd trip, and i just so happened to have the rest of the strip on me so he wanted to buy one off of me. so i gave him the tinfoil for him to rip his piece off because he had tweazers to do so. mind you this dudeis on zannys and perks (sorry don't know how to spell them? haha) so i should have never let him do this.. well i turn away for one second and when i look back he has THE WHOLE STIRP ON HIS TONGUE(not under his tongue, so it wasnt like soaked in his mouth already). it was literally there for maybe two seconds because i freaked and he took it out asap and it wasn't saturated in his spit at all when i made him spit it out. this is GREAT lsd mind you, i straight hallucinated with one tab. so my main concern is... do you think these tabs are still good to use? im really going to be pissed if this dude just ruined all my lsd :/
  2. intongues

    intongues The Wizard

    i think you should be good, if it was just touching, but man i'd kick him/her in the balls/snatch!
    esp if you paid a good amount for it!
    take two and find out
  3. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    What a D-bag dealer. I would bet he knew what he was doing too. His mouth would have been full of heat and moisture, two enemies of LSD. If it was not too long you are probably OK though.
  4. intongues

    intongues The Wizard

    i'd be more worried about his herpes or aids than if it lost potency.
  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    neither herbies or aids has a life span to survive very long without a host.."]Herbie Hancock - Rockit - YouTube
  6. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i would tell him to pay you for it
  7. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    he would of paid dearly for it, had it been nbomes and he absorbed a bunch of it.


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