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  1. Im gonna be moving in october and it looks like the north east to north central sections of arkansas will be my destination. Home prices look good, it seems to have alot of beauty, but no matter how much searching i do on the internet, I have can not find the real deal about the areas. Can anyone here, who knows these areas, kind tell me about them? What kind of place is it from your perspective? Thanks all...
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    Northeast area, I'm assuming you are reffering to the Jonesboro area? If your moving Northeast, Ar. go to Jonesboro for sure. It's one of the nicest citys around. It's growing, I'm guessing around 80k people now, they got all the new restraunts, new mall, lots of things to do. New waterpark few minutes away. If your a teen, the teens cruise all night long, and party all night so it's a fun area. Just don't move to a smaller city. If you find a house in like "Trumann,Bay," etc. then it's a no go. Otherwise Jonesboro is very organized and a good clean city, and if you smoke then let me know becaus a dealer is moving back to the area once he finishes in Texas :p
  3. how are you i just moved to the central part of ar. in june from the n,east,md to be exact.clinton is a nice town but having trouble meeting people of like mind &kind still prices is a lot better here in ar then in the east.if you need more info or just to talk .keep in touch.
  4. Northeastern corner of Arkansas has high seismic activity (earthquake zone). Check out seismic map of Arkansas: (here's one, not the best)
    Also, in the country in summertime, beware of ticks and chiggers! They are a FORCE to be RECKONED WITH! Northwestern corner of Arkansas is somewhat in "tornado alley" (tornados coming through Oklahoma, sometimes) ...

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