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Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by 1love7766, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. 1love7766

    1love7766 Member

    im currently in sociology and have a fast approaching deadline for a project due. there were no guidlines to the project, we just have to do our own research (surveys). I was wondering, what would be a good survey to use for research. I want to do something with mental health. any ideas? all would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hobes

    Hobes Member

    i have no ideas. when is it due
  3. 1love7766

    1love7766 Member

    in like two days. ive been such a slacker : /
  4. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    Sociology, eh?

    Do one on drug-use subcultures.
    Or one on political affiliation of the internet culture as opposed to the offline culture.
    Or one on sexual fetishes.
  5. Alaskan

    Alaskan Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    2 Days, how about lack of good study habits in todays educational systems.
    Just a little bit of my sarcastic humor....
    How about " School meal programs and the break down of the American family"
    I did one on "genocide and human sacrifice". Also one on Inuit(Eskimo) suicide, alcoholism and incest in arctic villages compared to city dwellers.
    But I spent more than two days compiling data.
    Good Luck...........Dennis
  6. 1love7766

    1love7766 Member

    yeah, i wasnt too smart waiting till the last minute. story of my life.
  7. dilligaf

    dilligaf Banned

    there is a whole lot more truth in that than humor,,,,:)

    why do we blunt open folks always have to justify our sense of thinkin n rename it as sarcastic humor in order to placate the brunt of society becauseb of the lack of their willingness to look at ilfe how it is??? :)
  8. Ruberx Omati

    Ruberx Omati The Truth

    Um yeah, do a survey on how many sufferers of mental illness are treated well enough to be off in three years max.

    If you go on to do a survey about that, i can help. I know a poor oppressed individual with mental health troubles that would love to commit to a something or other.

    I have acute memory loss. Words, images, places aligned with people.
  9. myself

    myself just me

    An idea for a research question (concerning the validity/ efficacy of psychoanalytic treatment):

    100 years after Freud, where is the power to effect change of psychoanalysis ?
    where are the thousands of psychoanalyzed men (and women) walking around radically changed toward leading a better, more gratifying, life while praising their therapist for their new psychological makeup ?

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