Please help me deal with a psychic bully.

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Leojay 44, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Leojay 44

    Leojay 44 Member

    too much information
  2. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    why not use brute force as opposed to a psychic attack?

    ..should be pretty easy, especially when he's deep in a trance trying to hurt you with his 'psychic powers'.

    nothing a bit of good old fashioned violence won't sort out..
  3. Hoatzin

    Hoatzin Senior Member

    You're absolutely fucking insane. That's fine, but don't take it out on people you live with. If you've actually got a reason to dislike him, then fine, but don't make up shit like this to justify it. It's not healthy.
  4. LanSLIde

    LanSLIde Member

    You may be trying to legitimize a grudge with him; perhaps it's merely his presence which bothers you
  5. mozart_hippie

    mozart_hippie Member

    Did you ever talk to him about it? I mean like calmly.
  6. Leojay 44

    Leojay 44 Member

    Whenever I feel these attacks I go into whatever room he's in and sure enough he's in a trance, or what I would call a trance. It's no coincidence, and that's obvious. Do you think it's normal to go into a trance when someone who you're teaching guitar is playing? For some reason when I'm playing or doing anything creative it's an opportune time for him to attack. Also if he knows I've smoked pot, he'll do it. Sometimes he'll let me smoke up with him and then lay into me.

    There was even a point where he nodded to me with his eyes still closed when I began attacking him, to egg me on. That's kind of why I don't return fire much anymore, because he seems to want that to happen.

    Talking to him is about it is out of the question, though sometimes when he's in a trance I'll say something like "you're really tired, huh?" but really it's not a position someone would go into when they're tired. From his posture and facial expression he appears to be very focused and intent on what he's doing.
  7. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    One question (plus a few more).
    If what you say holds any truth, why do you still associate yourself with him?
    Why do you allow yourself to have guitar lessons with this man who torments you via some cosmologic form of psychic astral projection?
    Why don't you get this man permanently removed from your house?!
    Who IS he??!

    Personally i think you're barking fucking mad, especially as you're asking people online what you should do. If people advised you to do something, would you go and do it?

    If i told you to cut his hair off in his sleep and put it in a small wooden box with a flat surface and 3 candles placed on the top before waiting for the clock to strike midnight; all along closing your eyes while breathing deeply and visualising immense torture upon this fella, shortly before taking the candles off the top of the box, removing the hair from inside and burning a strand per candle until it's all gone - would you do it?!

    ...of course you fucking wouldn't.

    Shpam. Bet you're loving these responses.
  8. Leojay 44

    Leojay 44 Member

    He's going out with my mom. What, am I going to talk to my mom about this stuff when strangers who don't even know me think I'm nuts? All of this sounds ridiculous, because it is, but it's true.

    It's not spam, I'm not making this stuff up. You can call me insane, and you'd be wrong in my opinion, but to say I'm just trying to have some fun isn't the case either.

    And if someone gave me advice that sounded worth trying, I would try it.
  9. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    Tell your mum.
    I'm sure she'd put her own blood first.
  10. Hoatzin

    Hoatzin Senior Member

    I'm not entirely clear on what state you're calling a "trance", to be honest.

    But no, seriously, you're fucking nuts. Stop being fucking paranoid and take some responsibility for whatever antipathy you have towards this man, please. If he's done something to make you hate him, then hate him for that, but this smacks of bitterness seeking an excuse to rejuvenate. The fact that he supposedly does this when you're high speaks volumes.
  11. Hoatzin

    Hoatzin Senior Member

    How much are you selling these boxes and candles for? I will pay anything.
  12. moondaddy

    moondaddy Member

    Seriously I think you should ask the guy if he's doing X Y and Z to you and if so why and would you please knock it off. Keep your cool though.
  13. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    I wouldn't but a price on a carving from a natural source.
    If anything, homemade is better.
  14. kaminoishiki

    kaminoishiki Member

    Well, the drugs clearly arent helping. Put them away.

    Whatever meditation you claim to be doing is either a bollocks technique or you're not meditating properly. Meditation isn't just something you do to make you feel calm and healthy, you should use it to pierce deeply into your whole experience and examine everything that happens with scrutiny, if you're running away with pin prick feelings, groping sensations and suspicious thoughts then you've lost the thread. When you are meditating and something comes up in you simply recognise it, don't think about it, but just watch whatever it is, it will appear, linger, and then dissapear.

    A sensation comes up, lingers a bit, and then leaves.
    A thought comes up, lingers a bit, and then leaves. (woah, no thinker!?!)
    A feeling comes up, lingers a bit, and then leaves.

    Forget your bully, forget everything else, look more closely into meditation by looking more closely at yourself.
  15. Hoatzin

    Hoatzin Senior Member

    Well that's no good, how can I feel safe if I don't spend any money?!
  16. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    you gotta have faith;

    oooooh, ya gotta haaave... FAITH
  17. Option A for simple protection:
    When meditating, imagins that your skin is dragon's hide: completely impermeable. Imagine those little attacks as bouncing off of that hide. It has no weaknesses. Anything similar to this will work, as long as the barrier is strong. I've used dragon hide, a spider web (catches everything, and if inhabited the barrier fights back), and the traditional "white light" crap. If you're trying to astrally project, the hide may not be the best bet. Try the webs.

    Option 2 for mild retaliation: Use a Sharpie Marker to draw a hand mirror on the left side of your body somewhere if right-handed, and the right side if left-handed. Reflect back his own badness.

    Option 3 for massive retaliation (My favorite):
    Write the offender's name on a piece of paper. A picture or bit of hair/nail will work even better. Take a bit of small mirror (Reflection), or if you're really pissed use a broken CD (Reflection, Refraction, Amplification, and Tearing), and place the paper between the mirror/CD and a larger mirror. Press them together well, and trap the offender in a mess of his own energies.
    Use 2 small mirrors/CDs, tape them closed over the name, and either wrap the mirrors in a black ball of acrylic yarn (another spider web reference: can you guess my totem?) or put it in a black bag of some kind (thrift store purse, porn store bag, hand-sewn drawstring with protective runes, whatever, but secure it closed). Bury the damned thing. Now he's not only "trapped" and "buried alive," but anything that gets out will be neutralized by the element of earth.

    These last two shouldn't bring bad karma, as you're using his own energies to trap him. Also, I see no action in defence of yourself or your mother as negative, but then I'm not nearly as pacifist as many other witches are. By now I would have carved his name on a black candle and lit it or burned a photo of him with a black candle (Over-the-hill birthday candles from WalMart are excellent for this.) to banish him completely. Sulfur is good for such things as well, so burning it by match will do in a pinch. If you do that, make sure that your mother is NOT in the picture. Always bury the spell leftovers somewhere, and do a FULL cleansing bath after. Look those up on Bewitching Ways, a nice website.

    Also, find a psi-shield that will work for you. Option 1 has a couple of ideas, but if those don't work there is beaucoup information online.
  18. Hoatzin

    Hoatzin Senior Member

    OK, I've changed my position: do everything Argiope aurantia just suggested.
  19. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    How old are you? I don't believe that anybody can inflict the psychic torment you're talking about, but if I did, and it was my Mom's boyfriend, and I didn't feel comfortable confronting either of them about it, I'd move out. Short of that, I'd distance myself from the guy as much as possible, and certainly wouldn't be taking guitar lessons from him. But I agree. This sounds kind of paranoid. You might be mentally ill. Maybe something to consider?
  20. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    you sure it's not your guitar that's eating your soul?

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