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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by maniacal, May 25, 2004.

  1. maniacal

    maniacal Member

    I'm not sure how to express this. I have a fantasy of a woman dominating me with a strap-on. Just the thought of it turns me on unbelievably!

    I'd like to know how some of the women feel about this kind of thing? Is that something that a woman would get off on as well? I'm really interested to know this because I'd like to try it..

  2. If you find a women open to that kind of thing, then sure, go for it! You'll have to bring the subject up first to know if she's into it. Start talking about kinky sex things and then ask if she'd be completely grossed out by it or would consider it. It's something I've done with my x...he wanted to try it just once. Didn't dig it though, never did it again.
  3. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    I personally have no desire to do anything like that. But, if that's your thing, go for it.
  4. Personally I dont mind it :D, All I need is a willing male partner who will let me take him up the ass with a strap on.

  5. maniacal

    maniacal Member

    That would be awesome..I am definitely willing.. :)
  6. maniacal

    maniacal Member

    I think that's the biggest problem I have - finding someone willing to do it. I've raised the subject with my wife, but she is definitely not into trying it - won't even really think about it. It's something I'd really like to try, but I don't have the first idea of how to find a willing woman...
  7. Hmm...well since you are married I would suggest you DONT go find another willing women, but hey its your life...

    Is your wife into the kinky side of things at all? Maybe you can start with something else that you/she has never tried before. Try different things and mention it to her again some time down the road. But don't keep bugging her or it'll never happen
  8. What you need is a dominatrix. their girls that beat men that like that kind of thing. Whips,chains,shackles, the whole nine yards. Hell its sexy!

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