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Discussion in 'Cannabis Outdoors' started by cgree, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. cgree

    cgree Member

    I have one indica plant that is thriving and a full 5 foot x-mas tree but all of my sativas just keep looking sick all the time. They delelope brown tips on the sunleaves but thats really about it.

    i live in the south and its often 90+ and around 65-70 percent humidity. If any one has any seed that they would reccoment please reccomend me. although its not bad, i cant seen to grow a male. not 1 plant has made it to male maturity only females have. Most is just okay schwag. Can schwag plants become better smoke than its mother if breeded with a male of the same genepool.

    And how long after the 1st sex signs do plants start heavily budding. Sorry this is my 1st year making it this far. excellent place to grow after katrina. all my kind herb was ready bloomin 2 weeks pre-katrina then i lost all of my big bud and now were in a herb dry spell. if anyone could spend all the time to read this it would be excellent and drop me some info. :)
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    "Can schwag plants become better smoke than its mother if breeded with a male of the same genepool."

    Yes and no.
    If the pot was treated like most schwag (no fert's, chopped down, stripped, overdried, compressed into bricks, transported in trucks and sitting around for who knows how long), bud you grow from those seeds will be better than the pot it came from, cause you'll treat it better.
    But it won't turn into chronic, ever.

    You don't want males. More seeds = less smoke.

    You can buy excellent seeds for as low as $15.00 for a 10-pack, or buy a bag of good pot that has seeds.

    Have you prepped the plant sites as per my Guerilla Grow Guide?
    What kind of soil did you plant them in?
    What kind of nutrients are you using?
    In full sun?
    What's your water source?
  3. cgree

    cgree Member

    no i havent checked out the grow guide. But i experimented with a variety of soils. I tried potting mix wich worked great, but the best has been my compost that came from grass clippings and pine straw.

    Yes they have full sun.

    I use hose water for the watering. its safely located.

    I am using diluted miracle grow every 5th watering now that they are budding.
    Is there a fertalizer that is prime for budding time along w/ superthrive.

    1 developed spots on the leaves last night and most all of them have spider mites, and they have started to bud so i want to find a non-toxic way to kill them.
  4. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    cgree pm me
  5. cgree

    cgree Member

    pm'd u with my email. sprayed with a foliar feeding and incetacide/fungacide. still no responce to it though.

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