Places to visit outside of Amsterdaam

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Mongerboynyc, Aug 30, 2011.

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    I'll be visiting Amsterdaam in the near future for approximetely 7 days. I definetely would like to hop on the train and visit the surrounding cities.

    Well one thing is for certain, i am with 2 of my other buddies. we are looking for places that have decent red light districts or girls. basically we are looking for a good time.

    will anybody any recommendations ?
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    I can't say much for the Red Light Districts or women in cities outside of Amsterdam but a good books to have are Let's Go Amsterdam and Get Lost! Amsterdam.

    A good day trip would be to Haarlem if you don't want to go too far from Amsterdam. Check out the Frans Hals Museum if that suits you and pop into Coffeeshop Birdy. Also not to be missed is the Cheese and bread shop in the shopping zone. Wish I could remember the name.

    If you want to go out a bit more distance try Den Haag or Utrecht. Leiden is closer by and has a lot going on as it is a university town.

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