Places to purchased a truck in Louisiana ?

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by SarahM3, May 11, 2012.

  1. SarahM3

    SarahM3 Guest

    I just moved from Baton Rouge and before I left I went to the Gerry Lane GMC/Buick dealership (LINK REMOVED). They had some pretty awesome deals on some Used trucks for my husband and I.

    I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good dealership in Louisiana or if anyone was selling a good used pick up truck.

    thanks so much! :mickey::mickey:
  2. Jaycee51

    Jaycee51 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I know a good dealership and salesman, they will do u right, dont want to advertise for them on though, don't think your supposed to. If there is private message on here, send to me, or email me, I'm new here so don't know much.
  3. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I thought Baton Rouge was in Louisiana?
  4. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    it is a crime to bring a salesman over state lines....ask around...everyone in louisiana is related to each other so someone will know a good truck thief

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