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Discussion in 'Hip News' started by scratcho, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. scratcho

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    Jeff Sessions, that is. Overturned the Obama era relaxation of the Feds being able to charge in and shut down pot sales and growers. One little Alabama twit wants to go against the 28 states that have legalized weed, medical and recreational. Tight ass little bitch needs a few pipe fulls himself.
  2. Avery Kelly

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    pretty soon (3-5 years or so) alabama will have a vote on the legalizatio of some form of tree----for medical purposes or some such category. with georgia passing similar legislation in last years legislative session, showing the vanguard of southern states towards social approval of experimentation and health, as opposed to sentiment for a false historical identity in formal morality , arkansas should follow
  3. Kerri

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    I don't know what's in his heart but it's hard not view Sessions stupid war on pot as rasism
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  4. scratcho

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    He wants to cut back on legal immigration, as does Blump. Probably not from Norway, though. He said this morning that many, many people are seeking asylum falsely-- you know--the ones that are left after their families were killed and such. Wants to slow that too. Methinks melanin may have something to do with it. And of course he IS from Alabammy.
  5. Avery Kelly

    Avery Kelly Avionics Specialist

    that will be the great irony when the law is passed.........after the mid-term elections, most likely
  6. Ralph Rotten

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    I thought the really scary thing that lil' Jeff did was when he lamented that the ratio of native born Americans was falling.
    You can always spot a racist when they begin speaking about 'cultural contamination'.
    That's code for 'not white enough'
    I knew the GOP was hijacked when they refused to let Pocahontas read the letter from Corletta King regarding little Jeff Sessions.

    And before anyone points out the insensitivity of calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, I really think she should own it for her next campaign in 2020.
    I'd vote for her.
    Hell, I'd vote for a pair of boots before I'd vote for tRump
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  7. Orison

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  8. 6-eyed shaman

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    Sessions won't succeed. He's got too much going against him in the newer cultural attitudes toward marijuana. Politics follows culture.

    Nonetheless I eagerly await the day Trump fires him.
  9. newo

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