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Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by gemma1234, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. gemma1234

    gemma1234 Guest

    Hi I Started My Pill 2 Days Late But Did Not Know About Planb B So I Just Took The Pill As Normal And Had Unprotected Sex 3 Weeks Later Could I Have Got Pregnant ?
  2. JLynn0116

    JLynn0116 Visitor

    most packets that come with birth control pills state that they're effective after 7 days so I would think after 3 weeks you would be fine. good luck!
  3. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    you should be fine :) .. when i was takin my pill i was soo careless .. which is stupid .. i kept forgettin to take it and stuff lol ..
    . then i found out i cant take it coz i hava heart murmur :{ stupid thing :{
  4. DoomCat

    DoomCat Guest

    You should be fine, just take a test! One thing that is annoying about the pill is remembering to take it all the time..and the breaks and such and remembering to take the pill after the break. I recommend getting the contraceptive injection, much easier :)
  5. angelgirl882

    angelgirl882 Member

    Or you could get the contraceptive patch? All u need to remember is 1 day a week to change it and ive never had any problems with it becoming unstuck or anything in the bath or swimming pool..
  6. I agree with angel. You can check it and other available contraceptives through Pharmacy Overnight. Ask your doc if you would like further advice. Hope this helps.

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