Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moon_flower, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    From Alexis' 6 month party.
  2. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    And, a few just because.
  3. Aw cute cute and shes grown so fast!
  4. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice

    Awww how incredibly cute! And what a great idea having a party at 6 months, I love it! Wish I would have thought of doing something like that when my kids were that age!
  5. HippyLandscaper

    HippyLandscaper learning a new way

    She's very cute. I dig the one with the hat
  6. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Thanks, mamas and papas.
    She HATES the hat and sunglasses. Lol. We have to sneak them on her.
  7. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Awww sweet :)
    Looks like she had fun.
  8. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    those are so cute!
    I love the one with the sunglasses!
    I remember I couldn't wait until Leane hit 6 months. It felt like once we got there, all my baby blues went was really weird. From then on, everything felt different...I think it was because by that point, the worst of the "boot camp" is over :p
    I think that it's so cute that you threw her a 6 month party! You've got every reason to celebrate!
  9. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    Aw, what a cutie! :) She's got your eyes for sure, Moon!
  10. jgirl

    jgirl Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Very cute!! I get way too stressed out as it is planning their parties on their actual birthdays, there is no way I would add yet another one to it LOL!!
  11. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

    Lol. Thanks, mamas.
    Kirstyn, I still have the blues. Lol, now they're because my baby is growing up instead of because I'm getting no sleep. :p
    Everyone tells me that, bee. Her daddy gets mad because he wants her to be just like him. :p He also gets mad when people comment on her reddish hair (It's hard to see in the pics, but it's strawberry blonde)....he says she does NOT have red hair.
    The party was only stressful when her daddy got mad about it. He was one of the main ones that thought it was dumb. But, he ended up having a good time.

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