pickyness toword a particular sex

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by ibe a-ta, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. ibe a-ta

    ibe a-ta Member

    OK I am asking witch sex you are more picky with

    for me when it comes to women just about anything goes but with men I have very particular criteria for me to be attracted to them on a physical level

    so I'm wondering if any yall have this issue
  2. ldb417

    ldb417 Member

    same thing with me.. i'm really picky about guys(but i get more emotionally attached to them), but girls.. pretty much anything. ESPECIALLY if a nice ass is included. there are few things i love more than to watch a girl with an awesome ass walk bye =)

    i LOVE my new school =D
  3. smoothie6in

    smoothie6in Member

    I'm the same.Not just any guy in the storm. I don't know why but with females for the most part they are all fair game.Maybe I'm more gay but i still like a roll in the hay with a female.
  4. infinito

    infinito Member

    I think I'm more picky about girls, but I get a lot more emotionally involved and connected with them when they are right. I guess that's why I'm more picky with them, because I know what it's like to date a gorgeous girl who I had a lot in common with and I don't want anything less. I'm pretty picky about guys too. I guess it just depends on my mood.
  5. spinningtop

    spinningtop Member

    Wow, interesting guys. I am more picky with guys I guess. Although my reasons for being with a guy are emotional and intellectual connection, whereas my reasons for being with a chick are lips and physical connections :) It seems from our small sample size that we're more picky with people we have deeper feelings for, funny eh?
  6. blue_spiral

    blue_spiral Member

    yeah, i'm pickier with guys for sure. There's more room for them to be really creepy than girls lol.
  7. scub

    scub Member

    i fall in love for a guy way faster than a girl, big time.

    i'm more picky with girls attitude rather than who they are or what they look like.. obviously they have to be attractive but if they're stuck up i usually look the other way no matter how cute they might be.

    i find guys to be less complicated so im less picky with them. that's my opinion.
  8. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    girls can be any shape, size, colour- i don't care. it takes a lot for me to not be attracted to a girl.
    with guys, though, i hate to say it!~i'm a bit more shallow with them. i love the big guys, long hair, rock n rollers. but for me, their personality has to be what i like or i just dont like them.
  9. sniffmagikmarkrs

    sniffmagikmarkrs Senior Member

    as long as a guy is somewhat on the slim side I don't care

    but my women have to be beautiful
  10. ibe a-ta

    ibe a-ta Member

    exactly its like yeah I could go hop in the sack with a woman but I'd rather find my perfectly ideal guy and spend a grand deal of time with him

    RANDOM THOUGHT : think I'm more gay than strait

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