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Discussion in 'Men's Issues' started by Sejairo, May 22, 2007.

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    I really couldn't come up with a better title so i put this but i think in the long run you will all get the idea of what i am getting at...

    Alright, so here we go..First i would l;ike to say that it is rather pathetic of guys to push there woman or pick woman for that matter to be flat out skinny all the damn time to the poin it seems they have to match up to some sort of model..No i am not saying it is wrong to like a thin woman, but i've noticed that within my life time i have had friends that have really cared about (as people would call it), heavier woman and didn't go for them on the basis of there weight and them not matching Ideal Model standards...

    Now, my girlfriend used to rather extremely skinny in my view and then put on a couple of pounds, which in my opinion is flat out fine i could care lesss, but i noticed how she acts its like she is unstatisfied with herself for being slightly bigger then these fit / skinny woman. I have yet to convince her other wise that she still looks oustandly beautiful but i think you basically get the drift...

    So to sum this up, why do men in general (including myself, because i am defantly not innocent in this case nor is any man) think that skinnier woman are so much better when i noticed some of them have the most obseen attitudes in the world compared to slightly bigger ones that are kindier and sweet...

    Note i am not saying all woman nor men are like this i am speaking in a generalized form. And i guess this applies the same situtation to woman towards men...

    So basically why do we put pressure on the sexes to be these thin things and muscular, etc...then rather loving them for who they are and noticing that sometimes the more ugly people are (as i have heard) they seem nicer compared to mr. and mrs. slim...

    I think you all get what i am saying i guess in a sense i am rating lol!! but i was just trying to get to the factor of why things ar elikes this...SOrry if i offended anybody i was rather curious on some peoples views...


  2. Duck

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    mostly because it is what you have learned through social circles and media to want
  3. Carlfloydfan

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    Models that girls tend to admire in the magazines are airbrushed, paint shopped and edited ad nausea. The final product is not comparable to how these models appear in real life. But quite a few of the women I know, are fooled by these magazines and believe what the magazines show is a realistic standard of what a women should be. But it is not.

    And lets not even get into the lack of personality, in regards to some of these models, that is obviously hidden in the magazines behind a few touched up photos. To bad, there aren't more positive role model on how to be a lady. Instead, all they tend to get from most magazines is a shallow emphasis on the physical aspect.
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    I think the idea of a "trophy" wife is somethng which is within the male domain and there is no such thing on a large scale of the "trophy" husband.

    I think men find the idea of having a woman that is a symbol, to show the world that they are successful (in life, career, bed, whatever) is within the male psyche.

    In the female domain women tend to go for men who can offer security. For themselves and for their offspring. I just think it's human nature.

    Hence when a reporter asked Donald Trumps wife (the new stunning one) whether she would have married Donald Trump if he wasn't so rich, she astutely replied (paraphrasing) "would he have married me if I wasn't so beautiful?".

    I think men are generally more competetive than women and this carries over into their personal lives. Society tell us continuously that thin is beautiful and model skinny is downright gorgeous and although most men and women understand that skeletal is not aspirational, it seems far more so than being overweight.

    Kate moss has cheekbones and a killer bone struture (facially) because she is so thin. We currently live in societies that tell us women should have sharp cheekbones, jawlines etc.

    Also, again, although many of us know skeletal isn't aspitational, and even the guys who claim to like "larger" woman tend to mean larger in specific (t*ts and a$$) areas.

    It's to the point that guys who genuinely like larger women are not able to say so as it's seen as almost a strange fetish as opposed to a natural desire.

    It's strange because sometimes I wonder if socially thin is beautiful because of some strange victorian desire to keep sexuality under wraps. Larger women tend to be more curvy and there bodies seem somewhat more pornographic to me (not in a skinny silicone manner but in a as nature intended manner) and so skinny is more socially acceptable. A relatively flat chested girl wearing something scant is seemingly less sexually offensive than a larger girl doing the same as the amount of flesh is minimal.

    Anyway sorry to ramble on for so long. I should be going as I'm not even a man and here I am invading again in the mens forum. Sorry!

    P.S. Tell your girlfriend form another woman that at some point she will become happy with herself if she stops obsessing about the way she looks and starts taking care of what she eats (health wise not fat intake wise) and how much excercise she gets to make her strong and agile. Although women are constantly told that our bodies are made for the admiration of men they IN REALITY are not. They are for us, they are beautifully functioning things which help us and when we feel strong and agile and energized it helps no end.
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    I think it is all a matter of personal tastes. I myself, prefer women who are not skeletons.
    because of that, I'm happily married now, 18yrs the 16th of next month.
  6. BlazingDervish

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    I'd disagree with this. The 'trophy husband' is based on $$ rather than appearance but it's still the same societal trap.
  7. Snow_Cone

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    i likes me a plumper. you crazy!!!
  8. broony

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    Magizines are just irritation, read books to further along your education. :)
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    I think criticizing anyone for their preferance is absurd. I'm a woman and am not in shape at the moment and would not blame anyone for finding me less attractive than when I was. Also, everyone is allowed to have their personal preferences.
    In the regards to the person who said every man wants a trophy wife-I think that is wrong. What man wouldn't want a woman who was nice, a good mother, capable of having an interesting job And who always looked good? Why are good looking and well dressed women never thought to have the whole package? and why are rich men never thought to be funny, nice , caring and smart?
    I would never date someone who made less than me. I would be so uncomftrable talking about work and in my experience guys who make less are so insecure. I have no doubt that those I have been with would not date me if I looked like a slob either though.
  10. spooner

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    I would never date a fat girl... I'm not really attracted to girls that weight more than 130 pounds, in general.

    But I have way more hangups than that, for way more shallow things.
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    I Find big girls sexually attractive but my life revolves around being fit and healthy and generally bigger girls are big for a reason; because they sit around on their fat arses watching and eating shit. The majority of the time physical appearence tells alot about a persons personality and size is no acception.

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