Discussion in 'Grow Room Pix and Journals' started by Pawy, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Pawy

    Pawy Member

    How do i take some nice photos in my room....

    With the lights on its way too yellow and when its off its too dark and lights on green is no good either flash doesnt cover the whole room..

    Any one got any suggestions...

  2. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    use some desk lamps or something to light the plants, then take the pic. You mainly jus have to balance the light out Iguess, not to bright, not to dark, or you could move some outside and take a pic then?
  3. st0neD|floyD

    st0neD|floyD Member

    Take a picture from ahead of the light, or use the flash on your camera in the dark.
  4. lotusfalls

    lotusfalls Member

    I have good luck using a 3 second shutter speed (if you can set that), with a low flash and no light.
  5. seedmaster

    seedmaster Member

    make sure your not facing the light!
    light should be behind u!
  6. do not point the light at you it causes wash out

    most digi cameras have a indoor setting use that.

    shutter speed applys to conventional cameras so don't worry if yozz gots a digi

    for proper lighting i suggest putting the light at a 45 degree angle between you and the side of the plant.

    happy snapping camera friend:p
  7. holy shark i posted with out see that this thread is dead and buried

    much apologies good friends.

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