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    hey im gonna make this question as simple as i can lol, cuz the outdoor photoperiod and early flowering plants confuses me. basically, if the photoperiod changes at the same time for a given area, why does it matter if a plant is a early flowering plant. doesnt the photoperiod decide when the plant flowers? or does early flowering plants just mean that they grow fast, so that when the photoperiod does change over, the plants are bigger and can produce more buds instead of being immature and not producing as much. if you plant a seed in july, when the photoperiod changes it will just be very small, but it will still bud correct? im thinking that early flowering just means that they mature quick so that when it does change, they can be as big as possible and produce the most buds as possible, opposed to a plant that takes long to mature and grow to its full size and does not get the maximum amount of bud...? does this make sense....any critism or help is appreciated, thanks.
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    First let's talk about the mechanics of starting flowering.

    Marijuana plants contain a hormone (I forget what it's called) that is always present. Sunlight prevents the hormone from building up until it send the plant into flowering.
    As nights become longer and there is less sunlight, the hormone builds up until it reaches the point where flowering is induced.

    Marijuana is a very adaptable plant. It can and does grow in many parts of the world under different conditions, adapting (through evolution) to local conditions.
    Pot that flowers early, from areas where winter comes early, only requires let's say 9--10 hours of darkness per 24 for the flowering hormone to trigger flowering. Other strains, where fall & winters are mild may require 12 hours of darkness.
    Equatorial strains (such as lowrider), where days and nights are of equal length year round, doesn't operate by the above mentioned method--it grows for a certain amt. of time and goes into flowering.

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