Photoes by german bunkers at the westcoast...

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    Below this text are some photos, that I shot while I was sitting by the juttish westcoast a recently evening...


    ...You will see these sad leftovers of bunkers sprinkled all up along the juttish westcoast, from the south to the north. These bunkers were built by the germans during the WWII, while Denmark was occupied by the nazis.

    The nazis built them as watch-points towards a possible invasion from the allies (instead the allies went down to Normandie, but the germans couldn't know that by that moment).

    You might wonder why what's left of these bunkers are in the sea, not on the shore, but that's because Denmark is sinking - when these bunkers were built more than 60 years ago, they were lying far away from the waterline, up on the beach.
    Notice the wild waves at the fotos - these waves erode anything, they make anything past...


    This sea contain an incredible force. She's eating my land, inch by inch.
    And she devour any monument created in the name of human pride. Just take a look at the foto below - that's the sad leftowers of the nazis '3rd empire'. All you see - in the picture below as an example - is the edges of three concrete squares (the rest has sunk in the sand). Nowadays all their bunkers are reef - good for the fish, bad for military purposes, bad for human pride, bad to human lust for destruction...

    The juttish westcoast eat as she please, and she owe no mercy...

    She make anything history...

    love and understanding,


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