photo of me at rainbow farms

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by michaelstevenson, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. hay this is me before a hair cut..currently a single dad raising a 21 month old girl..named destiney and a 7 month old son named natas...had to cut hair for court to get custody anyone seen savanah{dreadymama} any coments on the name natas for my son ppl hated the fact i named him that...the vest is a real gypsy vest given to me by midnight sun currently seeking a female soulmate if u think u might be one message well hope u like this photo it was taken at rainbow farms before the owners were murdered by the feds
  2. mike

    mike Member

    question, So who's the mother of the children. I gathered from your post the it was dreadymama.
  3. no dready mama is a great friend and a sistah the mother is crystal she is currently in prison
  4. the mother crystal is now livin with him and his his wife he was never a single dad we were together when i was in jail so all females please dont try to get with my a very jelous wife and wishi wasnt but i am

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