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Discussion in 'Music' started by Bassplayerjojo, May 28, 2004.

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    In case some of you phans out there don't regularly visit the site, I'd thought I'd share with you this letter from Page.

    Dear friends,

    As we wind down the Phish career, it is done with both
    great joy and
    great sadness. The joy comes from remembering the
    incredibly good
    times we've experienced, the successes we've enjoyed,
    and knowing that
    even in our closing we are honoring the band. The
    sadness is obviously
    driven by the fact that something I love will not be a
    part of my life
    anymore. To me, we have been the greatest band in the
    world and have
    had the greatest fans ever.

    I still love the music we make but the situation feels
    to me now. I guess in my heart I've known for a while
    that something
    had to change, but it wasn't until this last weekend
    that my feelings
    really began to coalesce. I'm old enough now that I
    am able to look
    to the future without feeling that I need to balance
    it with my past.
    I find it ironic that half of my life has to go by
    before I am able
    to focus solely on the future. As a member of a
    successful rock band,
    it seems that every aspect of my profession encourages
    me to extend my
    youth as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, I like
    feeling young,
    but more importantly I need to be honest with myself.

    The pressures and schedule of this work can take its
    toll personally as
    well as creatively. As someone who has recently been
    through a divorce,
    I know how traumatic change can be. But, I also know
    that if you are
    able to let go of things and embrace change there is
    the potential for
    incredible personal (and creative) growth.

    If I sound unusually candid in this statement, I am
    able to do so
    because in my mind I've already moved on to the next
    phase of my life.
    This is a feeling I believe I share with Trey. I have
    a four-year-old
    daughter and there is nothing more important to me
    than being with her.
    Come August, I'm not going to have to tell her how
    many days 'til daddy
    comes back from tour. Combine that with my perception
    that the band's
    vitality is not what it once was, and it's easy to see
    how my mind
    quickly begins to move in one direction instead of a
    hundred directions
    all at the same time.

    I will miss it incredibly, but I have no regrets. The
    pride that I feel
    for the band, our fans, the organization, and all of
    our collective
    accomplishments is overwhelming. I love you all and
    know that we wouldn't
    be here without you.

    Thanks again.


    Page McConnell
  2. RedStar

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    thanks for posting that :)
  3. Yoga16

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    For some, Phish is not just a band but a way of life. If that is an overstatement than I shall say that many people spent money on concert tickets instead of paying for their electric bills. So, many will have to make a few adjustments on how they spend their free time. This does not mean that Phish won't be remembered twenty years from now as a great and inspiring band, because their spirit is immortal. Thanks to the post, more people know the true reasons for the break up and not just gossip or rumors. We must understand their point of views and accept it as advice. Namaste.
  4. Pressed_Rat

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    Like the Grateful Dead, Phish was more of a cultural phenomenon than a musical phenomenon. Disagree if you will, but I think that's a pretty accurate statement. I don't think they did anything exactly groundbreaking, as some people seem to think. Though I've never been to a Phish concert before, I have a good idea of what the "scene" is like. And I think if I was to go to a Phish concert, at least half the people would be there more for the drugs and scene than the actual music. And this isn't to discredit the true fans, but that seems to be true regarding the scene as a whole from what I've heard from a countless number of people.
  5. Bassplayerjojo

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    I do agree with pressed rat. Having actually been "in" the scene, I can attest to the fact that maybe half of the people are there for the drugs, which is sad. Last tour at "it" I met a 17 yr old boy who sold his ritalin so he could try acid for the first time. He just wanted to get as fucked up as humanly possible and there was nothing I could say or do, he just wanted to break away from his parents and thier stricktness. Yeah, tripping can be fun, but of course it's not really what it's all about. If you're not there to be engulfed by the energy and awe that Phish can create, then why be there at all? Just because its so easy to get wasted. That's just not cool. I hate posers.
  6. Silent Jay & The

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    I think the Grateful Dead were a musical phenomen and groundbreaking. But not Phish (and I like them a lot but I never visited a concert - the just don't tour to germany - no one knows them here...).
    It is a way of live. You can travel with them, share tapes, doing drugs etc.
    There will be another band doing the Dead/Phish/Panic Thing and the show will go on. Still remember that the Dead are touring again. Maybe in 20 years they need money or play again just for fun. I hope so. I want to see them in the future...
  7. earthmuffin

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    aww, so sad they're coming to an end. so many people really appreciate their music and their good doings. :( i'm glad they're coming by for a concert in WI this summer, makes me happy. :)
  8. chinadoll

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    I say they'll be back together as soon as Trey runs out of money and can't support his dope habbit anymore.
  9. kozmicblues

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    chinadoll, funny stuff.

    I like 'em, they're good folks...but sooooo right about Trey. Don't get me wrong, cool dude...but when he's out of drug money you bet your ass he'll be planning a reunion tour and peddling the tshirts himself.
  10. HippyLex

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    Though I've never been to a Phish concert before, I have a good idea of what the "scene" is like. And I think if I was to go to a Phish concert, at least half the people would be there more for the drugs and scene than the actual music.

    I agree with Pressed Rat... I think the people who are there just for the drugs are a waste of a ticket... I have met people who say they dont like Phish, but would go Coventry just to get f'ed up. I think that makes the fans who actually like the music look bad as a collective " scene ".. for some reason those people who go for drugs and nothing but drugs just anger me.
  11. alice_d_millionaire

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    so im not the only one who thinks so! oh yeah, the grateful dead werpretty groundbreaking... but perhaps my opinion is skewed because i am a deadhead...naah, they were groundbreaking.
  12. sprout

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    I agree with this totally but I have to say that hearing it from Page sounds much more real and sincere than Trey's whole bullshit rant.

    I feel that Page really does want to spend more time with his daughter where as Trey just wants to spend all his time hanging with Dave Matthews and other quality musicians in an attempt to make himself appear important and worthy of respect.
  13. sprout

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    .....and yes the Grateful Dead were a musical phenomenon. Disagree with me if you will.
  14. Orecalimo

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    Hell yes the Grateful Dead were a music phenomenon.
    I'm not even a stoner (any more) and I think they are without any shred of doubt the best music makers that have ever been.
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    hey phamily,i've been to 22 phish shows,and my soul is truley saddened,a great band is about to say enough,well guy's the bus ride was great while it lasted 22 show's of some most rightious music,sick solo's,and hundred's of really cool people,and as far as the "drugs" go ,look guys,your going to a show,where theres gonna be thousands of hippys there,it would be really stupid of you to think that any hippy show is drug free,if all else fails you can be a first time phish phan phrom your couch,anyway if your there,and your worring about all the drug use,well then yea,you just wasted your ticket and your time to see a really good show,sorry there's always church. Luvin ya..............................................rainbow doobie(oh bassplayer,thanks for printing that letter,thats beautiful,much luv to you)[​IMG]

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