phenethylamine precoursers in plant oils

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by crackforkids, May 20, 2004.

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    i found this page on rhodium, so its a little too advanced for me. and i know this is prolly not possible for someone of my level, i am not very experienced in chemisty. but some of these are said to be psychedelic already, and i was wondering if a simple extraction could procure a safe psychedelic chemical. and it gives a lot of precoursers to MDMA, all that is needed is methylnization (sp).
    the one that caught my eye was this:

    APIOLE (DILL): About 10% of dill oil and celery seed oil. A completely psychedelic amphetamine.

    could some one tell me what the fuck all this means? or if there is a simple extract (maybe even synthesis) that i could try? no flames please, i know im ignorant.
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    PMA is not so dangerous if you actually know what it is, danger comes from people thinking it's mdma taking multiple doses and dancing all night. pea's from essential oils isn't going to be as easy as extraction though you need a vaccuum distillation setup, all the revelant info should be at rhodium and TFSE at the hive.
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    PMA is so dangerous because overdosing is by only 2-5mg's can cause death. I would definetely not fool around with that garbage. There are many better analogues.

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