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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Mongooseuk, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Mongooseuk

    Mongooseuk Members

    Hi. I have two questions for the more experienced travelers. I've tried to google but that didn't help much.

    1. Does anyone know how to make the tea taste a little less bitter?
    2. I always feel somewhat queasy but don't upchuck. Is there a way to help alleviate the feeling?

    Thanks in advance

    p.s.: I don't know how regularly the drug forums are checked/answered.
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  2. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter


    My girlfriend is having tea right now with her family. She's from another country, and tea is customary - albeit not the psychedelic varieties*.
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  3. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    You know what I do with cooking in general is just add something. A pinch of salt does wonders for food at the detriment of your heart and physiological being. For tea I would say the usual stuff - sugar or sweetener like equal, sweet'n'low, or whichever (I prefer stevia extract powder personally), milk, and maybe honey. I don't really know though... To make it less bitter? I would say try the sugar and maybe the salt, though that's bad for your health. You won't be drinking a lot of it, or drinking it every day, so the sodium shouldn't really impact things too badly. :)

    Good luck! :D
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  4. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Administrator Super Moderator

    I have used peyote tea many times. I find it is more palatable with some honey.

    But seriously, the upchucking is part of the experience... which is why I don't use that anymore. I find vomiting extremely uncomfortable and exhausting.

    Have you read any of the Carlos Castaneda works on the subject?
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  5. Mongooseuk

    Mongooseuk Members

    Yes. The teaching of Don Juan.
  6. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Administrator Super Moderator

    Good start!

    Have you tried the other cactus preparations? I am growing San Pedros in the yard, this desert air is great for cactus.
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  7. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    oh Gawsh... :p Ilf... ugh! yuck!

    SO cool. :sunglasses: Way to use natures resources, eh? :D

    I used to take lots of acid, so I know all about the psychedelic experience. I took one called 2cB once. I really liked that. :)
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  8. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Ive some San Pedro I just got recently.. Ive yet to make it but I know the puke is going to happen. I do however have mixed feelings about it. I kinda welcome it, but its going to suck a bit.. but then the good stuff really starts to happen..
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  9. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    San Pedro has far fewer alkaloids than Peyote and I think that includes some that make Peyote emetic. I've never puked from San Pedro, although nausea can be fairly present in the first couple hours.
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  10. ~Zen~

    ~Zen~ Administrator Super Moderator

    Thanks for that tip... will be trying sometime soon.
  11. I've never heard this type of tea before. I've recently started getting into drinking tea. Is this tea illegal? Just wondering.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new to this.
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  12. Mongooseuk

    Mongooseuk Members

    Peyote is technically illegal according to the federal government. However I do think there are exceptions such as a religious ceremony. Usually among Native Americans.
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  13. CannbisSouL

    CannbisSouL Smoke 'till you toke. Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    With regards to cactus in general, I always found citrus was the best way to kill the bitter taste. Eat some san pedro, choke it down, then suck on a little piece of lemon to stop the bitter taste.

    As for nausea, I never had much nausea with san pedro/peruvian torch. I have yet to try peyote though, and like has been mentioned previously it could well be more nauseating. You could always try the classic ginger route to try and alleviate it a bit.
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  14. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    I'm not crazy (har har...) about the idea of nausea then. I'm guessing I wouldn't get past that emotionally or physically and it would likely characterize my trip.

    I suffer from motion sickness when I jog, so I'm familiar with nausea. It's inconvenient and terribly uncomfortable, sweaty, and a just rotten affair. I can think of no better way to ruin a potentially delightful experience. ;)
  15. soulcompromise

    soulcompromise Member HipForums Supporter

    You could probably just swallow it like pills, right?

    I remember something like that with magic mushrooms. We were mixing them with ice cream...
  16. CannbisSouL

    CannbisSouL Smoke 'till you toke. Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The cactus or the ginger?
    Actually I think it could work for both. With dried cactus powder, my 'favourite' method was to use just enough water to turn it into a paste and then swallow balls of cactus paste. Then you don't have to taste it as much, just kind of slug it back.

    As for ginger, yeah, definitely swallow it in some gel capsules or make a tea or something. I remember back when I tried my first research chem (2C-E), an old head on the forums (TNS) suggested I use some ginger for the nausea. Well, being the dumbass I was, I just chomped down on raw ginger and it made it much worse with the spicy burn! These days there are also 'pharma' options, like the version of benadryl which is made with ginger extracts. Easy to swallow, not too much spicy burn.

    With regards to nausea from these experiences, I definitely hate the idea of puking. But the purge can also be really nice. A long time ago on mimosahuasca I ended up having the classic purge experience and I felt so so clean inside and outside after puking. It was seriously probably the best puke I've ever had in my life, and the psychedelic experience felt so clean and pure after that. So it can be a good time to puke, but that's if you purge and get it over with. Long-lasting nausea that doesn't end even after puking really sucks, which has happened to me on mushrooms before.

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