Peyote/Mescaline Stage Effects

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by Black_Lotus, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I'm having a hard time finding this info
    I have a couple of questions: I plan to try Peyote as soon as I can get it, but I'm a little unaware of its effects. I would like to know if a solo trip would be possible? I have experience with LSD solo (and I know it is a different experience, which is why I ask)

    What are some of the mental, and behavioral effects? Will I be able to "hold my cool" while alone? Will I loose reality, or is it similar to LSD in that you are aware of the world around you. I plan to go through a spiritual journey through some music and work on my music and hopefully my animations

    Then one last request, if I could please get a stage effects. Such as:
    Come up: color appears more vibrant, sound more clear

    Via erowid it sounded like there isn't really the good trip/bad trip type of scenario, just some bad effects in the beginning stage and then the trip. It also sounded a little more pleasant than some of the effects of LSD, particularly the come-down and the peak. Is this true?
    Thank you
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    I'd personally leave Peyote to the NAC unless you're growing it yourself. There's not much of it around as far as I know, and takes ages to grow. Seeing as it's legal for the NAC and nobody else, munch some other cacti to let them carry on their rituals.

    Anyway, from what I've read mescalines OEV's aren't as strong as 'cids or shrooms, they tend to contain themselves within the object that's being trippy, as opposed to everything getting muxed ip and crazy(even though I'd imagine visuals will still be pretty crazy). Patterns don't "float" on top of everything, they're more "inside" the surface. Auras and shiny lights also tend to come up a lot in TR's.
    The CEV's are meant to be immense, building entire landscapes on the insides of your eyelids.
    The high in general sounds similiar to shrooms; very earthy and natural with a body load, but with a bit more energy to it. Also said to be "sneaky". Corner of your eye type thing.

    Come up: between 40-60mins
    Duration: 4-8 hours
    Peak: Comes on around +2h, lasts around an hour
    Comedown: Gradual, said to be the same as the come up but in reverse

    But it's all meaningless drivel to me because I have no idea what I'm trying to describe, I'm only regurgitating what I've previously read and heard. Jump in and try it.

    When I eventually get around to mescaline I'll be backpacking to the middle of nowhere, setting up camp and letting go - fuck being in a house.
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    Cacti works similar to lsd, there will be differences, but you basically handle it the same way has lsd, "sit back and enjoy the ride."

    I haven't actually done peyote, just san pedro, both contain mescaline though. I have had a few trips with it, and every time its been different.

    I notice its pretty uppity like lsd, great feeling to it, and can almost feel like the rush ecstasy gives you. Which can lead it to be pretty intense sexually too. ;)

    The come up is like lsd, you start to notice subtle effects, color changes, moving patterns, increase in energy, increase in touch, etc. At some points it can be very cartoonish. For some reason I really remember a light trip on it and everything looked like it was made out of plastic and it was 2D.

    The peak can be pretty intense as with lsd. I noticed that the visuals get very real looking, like "HD life". There is big possibilty that you will have a spiritually opening experience. It is very earthy feel to, I felt like a spirit was communicating with me the whole time, and I felt very in touch with the earth, like it was teaching me how to connect with nature. I remember looking at tree, it and it felt like it grabbed me by the neck, and started staring into my soul, which was really intense and extreme.

    The comedown is again like any trip, a bit confusion, left over visuals, reintergration into the sober world, all that good stuff.

    I would say if you take a dose, take a large dose. Little doses always seem to end up being duds, like being really short, and don't do much for you. There is also some other psychoactive ingredients in the cactus, so depending on how your prepare it, it can give you different effects, like minor sensory changes, different visuals and what not.

    HOpe this sort of helped. Best thing to do is take it and see for yourself though. If you love LSD (which I know you do ;)) Then you will love mescaline too. =D
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    Both the posters above summed it up well. I also recommend attempting to obtain San Pedro or Peruvian Torch cacti which is more easy to obtain than Peyote.

    Having wanted to always try Peyote myself, I've read a bit on it and what I've read is the main difference is during the onset. It's particular cocktail of psychoactive alkaloids creates a more dreamy, nauseating, sedating type onset. I used to be worried alot about the nausea of cacti but I've never puked from San Pedro, although drinking down the tea is not exactly my favorite.

    I sometimes get a headache from San Pedro on the comedown but the day after pretty much without exception creates an amazing afterglow where I feel very cleansed inside.
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    Peyote is different from San Pedro though they share some rough similarities in somatic effects and medicinal properties. The actual psychic effects are very different and each leads into it's own unique state of consciousness. I feel like san pedro is more dreamy and astral wheras peyote is more grounding and earthy.

    Having done peyote both in ceremony and by myself I feel like it can be beneficial either way however I usually choose to take it in ceremony out of respect for the traditions that protect the medicine. Peyote is not like LSD at all. It is much more work and less pleasure. That's because it is a true master plant and a powerful agent of healing and personal growth. It is usually very difficult to acquire potent specimens, and even more difficult to ingest amounts that would induce an experience beyond threshold effects. It is much more grounding and less disorienting, although sometimes people can have uncomfortable experiences. The ceremonial spaces that arose to give context and meaning to peyote serve to enhance the effects.
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    The only issue with Peyote is the fact that it grows so slowly compared to other Mescaline cacti. And they have been over harvested in the wild. I would like to experience it one day and compare to other cacti, but I would feel kind of bad I think. Like I was killing an endangered species. That is if I found one in the wild of course.

    Some friends have some growing but they are planning to wait 20-30 years, it's a life project.
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    sounds pretty silly to me. There would be no need to wait 20 years for a properly cared for and cultivated medicine to reach maturity. about 4-7 years from seedling is pretty much the standard and you can tell the age roughly by the size and the patterning of the segmentation.

    in 20-30 years one could have traveled the world (NAC is in North america, south america, asia, and europe) and ate medicine in many different countries and places with all kinds of peyote relatives hundreds of times over rather than sitting and starting a pot waiting for your "trip of a lifetime" to hurry up and mature. :daisy:

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