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    I have just bought a peyote cactus and am looking forward to experiencing it with my friend. I haven't done it before, but I have long wanted to try it out. The cactus is about 10 - 12 years old, about 7.5 cm (3") in diameter, about 5 cm (2") in height, grown from seed in Europe, most likely under artificial light. There are about three wooly looking buds in each of the 8 vertical sections, the top has a wooly center about 1.8 cm, (3/4 of an inch) wide. I't's about the size and shape of a large mandarin orange. I would link to pictures, but, sadly, I am not root, so I can't set that up right now. If it would be more helpful for me to post pictures, pm me and I'll do it later.

    I have quite a few questions. I would appreciate some help, if you know what you're talking about... I want a light trip, perhaps 6 or 7 hours long, nothing too heavy for my first adventure. Is this cactus big enough for both of us? Mild hallucinations would be nice... If I get nothing at all out of all the trouble and anticipation of obtaining the cactus, I'm going to be really disappointed. I want to make it into a decoction so that 1) we can down it fast and chase it with juice, thus avoiding the vile taste, and 2) because a couple people told me that this is a relatively low dose for two people. I think that by taking it all at once, on an empty stomach, we can maximise the effects. Soo..

    Questions: Is this a reasonable sized dose for two? What, approximately, can we expect from a dose this size, as far as effects go? Do I have to harvest the entire plant? If I cut off the cactus and leave the roots in place, will the plant survive, or do I need to use the roots as well? If no, and if the plant will likely survive such treament, how can I care for the roots afterwards to ensure the plant's survival? How long should I simmer the plant in order to make a good decoction? How much water should I use? How should I prepare the cactus beforehand? Do I need to "sip" it, mix it with my saliva, or can I just swallow it all really fast and get the same effects? Any informed help would be most appreciated. I am on vacation and we are planning to trip in just a couple days, so the sooner you can reply, the better. Thanks a bunch.

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