Petition to Pardon Medical Marijuana Patient Jerry Lee Duval From Serving 10 Years

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    Hey Everyone,

    This is a petition to pardon Jerry Lee Duval, whom was wrongfully prosecuted for growing medical marijuana with intent to distribute. He suffers from multiple conditions which require the use of multiple medications along with medical marijuana. The DEA busted him and his son in three raids in which they ripped apart their family home and threw them on the ground as if they were coming after the mafia or an organized crime syndicate. Jerry Lee Duval and his son Jeremy Duval were sentenced on April 20, 2012. Jerry Lee is serving a 10 year mandatory sentence in a medical prison and Jeremy is in a minimum security prison with a 5 year mandatory sentence. Both individuals were in complete compliance with Michigan's Medical marijuana laws and were authorized by the local sheriff department that they were legal according to Michigan's laws. That same sheriff's department was part of a program set up and funded by the DEA called Operation HEMP. This program requires michigan police to assist the DEA in any marijuana growing; legal or illegal. Pretty much this is boardline entrapment. Please support the cause and share this petition and videos. While they serve time behind bars, we will be on the front lines fighting for them. Thank you all for your support, we gladly appreciate it. If you would like to share your wrongful prosecution with us, send us an email at

    -Prisoners of the marijuana War

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