Personal Vows and Confessions, have any?

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Maryslittlebrat, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. A few of mine I live by or do my best.

    As a follower of Christ I will always treat everyone with equal love without conditions.

    I see no sin in anyone much less accuse them of such absurdity.

    I will say nothing without thinking of others first and what is best said and honest.

    I don’t look to the Bible or creeds to know how to treat people but think ‘what would Jesus do.”

    Accept my failures but work on them daily.

    I ask God for more wisdom in love and what people need.

    To see no religions as inferior to mine or comment on what I do not understand.

    Humility, even if it’s selfish I want to put myself last but stupid human nature.

    I won’t preach, try to convert and live and let live and reap the benefits of learning others views on God and what it means to them.

    I need to be a better father and husband and less self absorbed.

    To never push my beliefs on my child but invite her to anything with no expectations.

    Make sure my child knows tolerance long before doctrines and creeds if she is interested.

    I do NOT do enough to help my fellow man but wish to if only I had the means or mind.

    To be simple minded and fun but not dangerous and stupid and retain silence when called for.

    Be nice.

    Treat all like Jesus and The Blessed Mother Mary and see them in all people.

    To stop letting my pride turn me into a Bruno and fight the church left and right.

    Serve Christ through my family, friends and strangers.

    Feed the poor with any excess money I don’t need for basic survival and not preach, just feed!

    I need to be stronger.

    Be more thankful for Grace.

    Protect those of all other religions from the bigots in mine or at least use my voice with calm lucidity.

    To not listen to anyone bashing Hindus, Muslims, Wicca’s or any other religion that I find beautiful.

    Correct behavior that I do not like on my part without indicting myself of ‘sin.’

    Establish some balance and give back more all the things God gives me.

    Lock Jesus in my heart and fight pride with a katana.

    Openness of mind at all times.

    Try my best to help anyone who asks with no preaching.

    Evangelism in its pure form I can spread simply with love.

    Abandon harsh words and negativity in any situation.

    Keep my mind cool, quiet and lucid through mediation and prayer and not emotion.

    Remember one word can make a difference for good or ill.

    Be 100% honest with all about myself including myself by always looking within.

    Fight hate with love but fight isn’t the right word.

    Receptive to all and any questions asked of me.

    To stop denying my beliefs to myself b/c of negative aspects created outside of me.

    Remember the Dao and relativity.

    Take consciousness off me and forget “Andrew” and try to be there only for others.

    To fail at much and accept that as inevitable fate and to look on spirituality as a path not a ride.

    Abandon the idea of heaven as it implies hell when I know all will see nothing but beauty and love in ‘the end.’

    Know my talking is just that.

    Start praying the rosary again b/c in laziness not of choice did I quit.

    To learn to love having my faults pointed out and put nothing on compliments b/c any good comes from Jesus.

    Be open about my experiences and visions but only at proper times or if asked.

    Visit the sick, the poor and those in prison for all crimes without seeing any crime but the person made by God.

    Not to be the one who wants to be noticed around the Holy and Prophets.

    Talk less and listen more passively.

    Rip off another religion and live by ‘harm none.’

    Try to say something nice to everyone I meet no matter how silly and not feel self conscious (ego)

    Stop talking the talk and walking the path and help those who think they are trapped in ‘sin.’

    Well I guess this list could go on forever and the respect issue for others I already have but lack SERIOUSLY in actually getting out there.

    Peace and God bless you all always, b/c He does J


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