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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by DannyD, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    After quite a bit of research and soul searching, I've determined that it's time to manifest an idea that I've been developing for a long time.

    It's time to start the first permaculture based campground for artists, musicians, and inventors that need a little relief from society while they develop their creative projects.

    If this sounds interesting and you think you might want to help or participate, check the website for more info and get in touch! :2thumbsup:
  2. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    I thought there would have been at least some interest from here???

    I put this project out there as an open source idea and am hoping to work with anyone with similar goals, whether it's starting the first location in AZ or helping others start campgrounds in other locations.

    Anybody interested in being a part of something like this?
  3. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    I am very interested in permaculture having learned about it during a placement on a community garden in central London.However living in England as I do I cannot be of any practical assistance right now.I wish you good luck with your project.
  4. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

    nice ,i really like the idea behind the project .
    hows the garden been doing , do y'all need an extra hand ?
  5. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    This is an open source idea that I put out there hoping to find some help setting up the first location. I'm also hoping that others take the idea and setup their own locations.

    Since this is still in its forming stages, there's no land so no garden yet. I'm still looking at land and trying to gauge how much support I have. So far, two people have offered to volunteer some labor to get things set up but there's been zero interest from people with serious long term interest in the project. If I do it alone, I won't be able to buy much land but I'm looking at parcels with land for sale all around them so expansion will be easy.

    Once the land situation is figured out, I'll send out application forms to people that have shown interest and we can go from there.
  6. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

  7. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    I've posted some updates on the site under the blog link! Going to look at land a hopefully finalize a deal in two weeks. If anyone out there wants to help or camp, please get in touch asap!

  8. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    The lack of interest on this site bums me out. It's not just here though. It seems like there are quite a few people that think this is a good idea and would like to camp at something like this some day but no one is interested in helping in the initial stages. If I had beautiful gardens going and neat buildings everywhere, I'm sure I'd have tons of emails from people wanting to camp. Just trying to figure out why no one wants to help in the beginning. I think I'm in the wrong country....maybe the wrong planet.

    So to all of you out there that are fed up with the way things are but don't see an alternative, it's up to you to help create that alternative!

    I wish I was a :sultan: and could just manifest this thing out of thin air but I'm not so it's going to take some work!

    Is there anyone out there that is actually interested in this idea and willing to help?
  9. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

    Keep your head up .

    i got ears
  10. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    as a creative type i understand your problem . you have not
    conceived a sensible beginning . hmm ... how about a meeting in
    in the wild blackberry patch ? what's for lunch - blackberry pie -
    and well , something else ... bear stew i spose .
  11. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    My head's up! Making progress every day.

    Got your email saved and I'll let you know as soon as there's something going on. :)
  12. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    Blackberry pie and bear stew sounds awesome!

    Haven't conceived a sensible beginning? I've got an RV, tools, stored food, and basically everything else needed to get this started. Just have to find a land situation that will work and I have a bunch of possibilities to explore.

    I'm totally open to suggestions though!
  13. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    could be one rents a place . permaculturely , it might be an old apple orchard that needs some love . once you get there get rid of the RV .
    it must be that to all the world your bones just arose from that ground .

    do you like asparagus ?
  14. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    I'm looking into the renting possibility.

    I love asparagus. In fact, I'm going to have some now! Good idea.
  15. Hmm, my interest is definitely peeked.
  16. DannyD

    DannyD Member

    This project is still in the works! I've decided to focus on something else over the winter though.

    In order to focus enough energy on Camp Exist to bring it into reality, my own personal living situation needs to consume as little resources as possible. I can't see the old rv that I have now fitting into the sustainable, moneyless lifestyle I envision and would like something more self sufficient, organic, and that has a much smaller "footprint". There's nothing out there that's close to what I need so designing something to live and get around in naturally became a priority. Since the last post, I've been working on a design for a three wheeled, hemp fiber/supersap skinned, bamboo framed, amphibious, extreme off road capable, pedal rv. No joke... :)

    It will use solar cells imbedded in the skin to run a small high pressure air compressor that will charge a few air tanks. It will use pneumatic rams at low speed running a second crank set to assist with pedaling. After a few days of charging in the sun, it should provide 7-10 miles of assist depending upon terrain/speed. The idea is to have something that can use dirt roads and trails instead of competing with cars/cops, ascend slowly, descend quickly if wanted, cruise steadily at medium speed on flat ground with minimal effort, have the ability to ford and use waterways, and with room for the dogs, camping gear, and a guitar. Once this is built, I will be able to tour, look at land, and network with kindred spirits, without money, and on my own schedule. I will post the build somewhere and definitely link it here! Looking for a helper to help with the labor side of building it. Maybe order parts for two and help each other build them? Will post some conceptual drawings the appropriate forum.. :)

    Again, Camp Exist is definitely still in the works and gaining supporters on a weekly basis. Hoping to have something physical going by spring, even if it's just a tour to find help and land!
  17. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    yaya!! , i like your vehicle idea . i can get tinkerly-minded with something
    very similar . in my fancy it's a pneumatic energized (for one thing) by a carry-along little windmill (direct compression) and like yours - for travelling free and slow and easy . i love camping , under any beautiful tree .

    and then, too , there's a notion about a vacumn mechanism . low power
    (pedal?) input followed by the wham of a release unto a flywheel . oops .
    it might be an annoying hurdy-gurdy drum machine .
  18. tg2lynch

    tg2lynch Member

    Great Idea Dan ! Don't let the lack of interest on this site bum ya out. I've posted some ideas here and it seems there just isn't the right type of people on this particular web site ...or at least not enough. These sort of ideas I think are going to be tough to get going from internet action alone, given the nature of most who spend time on the web.( all talk no action is the way of it...) At any rate, I'd say try some other web sites, you might have better luck connecting with some motivated creative, free thinking types. Try, again, don't expect much, but couldn't hurt to try it.

    And just for the hell of it..... another person trying to get a similar idea going. Shes got two pieces of land, one in northern Nevada and another in northern Ca.
  19. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    eeeh, i'll check it out
  20. Quick update on this project!

    We have some land to work with! In exchange for help working on the property, a good friend has agreed to let a few Camp Exist members prove some concepts on his land. It's not remote, not pretty, and not big, but when we get done, it will be private, lush and sustainable, and big enough to have gardens, water collection, and examples of natural building techniques.

    If anyone is interested in participating, sign up at the forum and introduce yourself or post up here!

    Camp Exist forum:

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