Perkadone and Alcohol

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by someguy142, Jan 18, 2005.

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    perkadone and alcohol could possibly be a fatal combination but my experience with it was and three friends shared equally about a regular drinking water bottle full of 151 rum.. we then foillowed this by a perkadone which was swalloed down with a beer...then we snorted lines of perkadone which probly all equaled to about a pill and a half each(snorting about a half a perkadone is equal to swallowing about 1 or 1 and a half perkadone) (snorting perkadone burns BADLY)....we then drank another beer and took i think two more perkadone by swallowing them....the effects were whole body was numb... i felt like i was floating...and i felt EXTREMELY drunk... we then had drunked boxing matches because we couldnt feel anything...they enede up with both contestants on the floor because we could barely stand was pretty cool...i then walked home and iuf you have fairly good self control your parents wont be able to made me see differently as was like minimizing an internet box into the top right corner in slow motiuon and then replacing it with a full was crazy and it continued untill i got home about 30-45 minutes later., might not want to do this because it could react very badly in some people but if you want its pretty fun...but again prescription pills and alcohol arent meant to be mixed but this combination seemed to be pretty safe..
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    ...because you didn't die?
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  4. PhotoGra1

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    What an excellent study design and flawless execution!
  5. Primus

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    What exactly is perkadone?

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